Single Ladies + SATC 2 + Stats Counter

Since my sick post, my condition has greatly improved, just occasional coughs and colds but my eyes still sore on glaring lights. In times like this, staying at home helps a lot. I already proved that my cough worsens whenever there are a lot of people around me, just like what happened last Sunday--I went to church, then to the mall and had a date with girlfriends. I'm coughing like my veins are going to rupture (and I pray that no one caught the bug) but I cannot miss SATC 2! It's a wonderful movie. I could watch it over and over again. Anyway, let me tell you a story of these girls, a very brief one. 
These are K.F and April. We're not really "friends" until May last year when both of them broke up with their boyfriends. And their exes eventually are Bryan's closest friends. Yep, that's how we met. When Bry and his highschool friends meet, he's usually the host so they reunite most of the time in our place. There were few meetings when the boys bring their girls but unfortunately, we don't talk and just stick at the sides of the boyfriends. We were like jukeboxes waiting for the coin slots to be filled so that we could talk. Surprisingly, we started chatting and eventually go out when they were once again singles. Initially, I was curious why they broke up just like that. I mean, they've been together for the past 3 and 8 years and suddenly they split-up. But at the end, I'm amazed at how these girls coped up so gracefully. Separation is not an end but a new beginning. And they're just one of the few who pulled it off so fabulously.

What I wore: flats: Catch, dress: Archive, leggings: mint 
I like the dress better without the leggings,but it's just too short for commuting. 

By the way, I started on statistics' counter last night, and as of now, 71 people already visited my blog. =D

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  1. I've been looking for a leggings like this. The closest I got was yung parang may sling sa ankle. And it's brown pa. Maybe I should go to Mint na :)

  2. haha, You better go there asap. Last time I went there, madami pa, though I bought this months ago pa. Almost 1 year na :(
    Also try YRYS, or the very reliable S.M dept store. :)


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