I am sick for 2 days now. I'm having loose bowel movement (eeeww), sore throat, cough and colds, fever and some episodes of headache. Loose bowel movement is actually good because it keeps my stomach flat, but sometimes it bloats. I can tolerate that, but the others? Naaah! This always happens let's say three times a year and I'm kinda used to it. I already know what to do when this happens. My body tends to be sensitive to almost anything and I need to lie the whole day. I am mostly sensitive to light and sound. So now, my room is dimmed and I'm wearing shades because the netbook's light is killing me--yes, at 8 in the evening while typing this entry. I'm also self medicating (bad!). But you see, the last time it happened to me was around 7 months ago and papa was still alive. I just had to get a go signal for the antibiotics. When I went down this afternoon to eat lunch, my niece, Teja was especially sweet to me. But I need to avoid her because she shouldn't get the virus. Then there's my cyberhusband who constantly nags to check if I'm okay. I told him I'm fine, but I do miss the days when he takes care of me when I'm sick, and there I was, acting like a spoiled brat. When we were reviewing for the board exams and I had episodes of dysmenorrhea, he would appear in front of our studio-type condo my friend and I rented with a bunch of food. And that basically cured me. He's my love doctor! But today, some incentives made me well. A package of H&M floral dress I purchased arrived this morning and I'm happy I still fit in a size 2. Oh and I was able to weigh yesterday and I'm back at 103 pounds. Then I had pasta for breakfast, fried chicken at lunch (Bryan and I we're suckers for it. When we're hungry and undecided what to eat, we go straight to the nearest Jollibee and order 2-piece chicken joy plus extra rice.) and a pumpkin soup for dinner plus a donut. Having sore throat is also a time I crave for sweets. And since I was never a good patient, I eat sweets. I just drink lots of water afterward. Hopefully, I'll be free from this bug until tomorrow. I have yet to enroll for graduate school this Saturday and a SATC2 date with 2 girlfriends on Sunday.

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