Plaid and Cherries

I'm not a fashion blogger, but I would want to do this from time to time. hee (I hope I'm not trying hard though)
At the attic, my cozy room with a lot of books.

Seriously, I don't know what to do with my hair. It's too limp and thin. I changed to black flats by the way because I thought it will rain. These tights so far are my favorite. Oho! And I was able to sneak out of my room, but I have to get a tripod soon.

plaid dress: phillip lim
tights: darlington
shoes: booties:so fab, flats: shoe gallery
belt: plains and prints (from a dress)

I arrived earlier at the church this morning so I waited at the corridors until the 9:00 mass ended. While waiting, I took a photo of the church's garden. It actually reminds me of the entrance at the Buckingham Palace, but of course, that's incomparable.

Then I saw this old couple. Sweet! My heart melts every time I see old couples holding hands. It's a picture of an enduring love.

Meanwhile, at the other side of our planet, the hubby and his family went cherry picking. I forgot to ask though where it is located.
Hopefully, we could do strawberry picking together. Oh, wishful thinking. Then I could wear this dress again, but this time without the belt and with a huge brim hat.

 Have a wonderful week everyone! I'm feeling better now. Thank you honey.

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  1. thank you dear! I'm loving your blog,thanks for dropping by. :D


    That's the site of the cherry farm where we went. :)

    Kuya Bryan will make sure to bring you there. ;)

  3. I checked it already Ate Michelle! Thanks! I hope there's strawberry farm too! :D


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