Our Wedding at Unang Hirit

Our wedding was featured on television! Sunday morning last week, our uber fabulous videographer, Bob Nicolas asked me again about our theme. I immediately replied "It's Vintage-Autumn". Then the night of the same day, he sent me an SMS saying he sent 3 themed wedding videos at GMA's Unang Hirit and ours was included! Wow! Our fourth wedding feature! The segment was incidentally shown on Bryan's birthday, same day the Lakers won the championship. Double treat for the hubby. We were not able to watch it on tv, but we have to say thank you to whoever uploaded the video on Youtube.

The mini clips...(0:50-0.52, 1:22-1:24, 2:16-2:25)
The other 2 videos (the vintage glamour and the Moroccan themed weddings) were also posted at Bob's site. I almost drooled. They are fantastic!

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