On Uniform

Five days more and another semester will start which also means summer's over and we now welcome the rainy days. I'm quite happy when it rains, (just please don't let another Ondoy happen again) especially for the last months, it's like we're inside an oven, one move equals a dipper of sweat since we're in a humid country. I also had some episodes of hives plus cough and colds and I blame that on the weather. My husband's telling me that summer in Woodland Hills is a dry one. You'll still sweat, but not as much as compared here, plus it's still windy there, unlike here where the air is kinda stagnant. 

I'm quite excited for this semester. My schedule is not as tight as the last one. I will only be seen in school 3 days a week, make that 4 for the graduate school and Level 2 meetings. That means, I have plenty of time for my thesis writing, for myself and my family. Another thing which excites me is my uniform. Yep! Starting this June, I will be wearing my custom made uniform (I'll tell about it next week!). If you've been reading this blog for a long time, you know that we don't have a uniform at work except for this light yellow blazer which we are required to wear whenever we are in the ward. Seriously, it's kinda hard choosing what to wear almost everyday. There are a lot of inhibitions like wear this, not that, that's too short or that's too colorful, that's too tight, you can't wear this and the list goes on. Most of the time, my shopping for clothes is affected. Like when choosing between two dresses--a colorful maxi and a plain black, below-the-knee dress. No matter how I love to purchase the first one, I will stick in buying the second one so I could wear it in school. I know for some this is too shallow but for me is paramount because it goes with my personality. I mean, this is me and nobody can just change it in a snap of a finger. I remember my dad telling me that the teachers whom he still remembers until now are the intellectuals and the beautiful ones. Of course I want to be both that's why I still spend time with my books and look presentable in any way. And besides, I want to mark a good name when I leave. Ironic as it may seem but it's the only intangible thing that I can hold on too.

Anyway, since I'm talking about uniforms here, I wonder if there's any school who would want their students look like this.
 Though upon seeing this, I thought I remembered a Japanese anime. Bryan agrees otherwise but he prefers the no socks and bow. The top reminds me of the managers at Mc Donald's, only they have it in short sleeves.

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