My Wedding Dress Story

Every dress has its own story. Let me tell you one. I've always wanted to own a lace dress and the moment I scrolled this on Ebay, I knew it was meant for me. 
There's something special about laces, except lace curtains. I purchased a lot from Ebay but this particular buyer is one of my favorites. Most of the clothes she's selling were thrifted but I like how she describes each item and even tells the flaw if ever a wardrobe has it. She has so much taste! The dress is so beautiful, I wondered why is she selling it? Then written in the description it said humbly and generously (not exact words, but similiar to this), "I wanted to keep this dress because it's really beautiful, but I believe someone deserves to own it."  So the bidding started. I kept my laptop open all night just to check if someone already outbid me. Then for the remaining minutes, I barely had my lunch at work because my eyes were just focused on the screen. At the end, I won the dress for Php865 (around $20). Initially, I was very eager to own the dress so I could use it on the photoshoot then after that, I will keep it in my closet and just adore it from time to time. Little did I know I'll be wearing this on my wedding. 
In a way, this dress reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw since she also bought hers on a vintage shop. I'm lucky enough to experience both worlds of wedding-the simple and the lavish one. Both are beautiful at their sense because I married the man that I love, but sometimes, we get so preoccupied with a lot of things that we forget the essence of marriage. 
That it should only be between the 3 of you, just like in the photo.
Thank you Pax for sharing unselfishly. For the next posts, I will be vamping my finds at the Archive. Pax doesn't ebay anymore so you may visit her online store anytime.

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  1. you're like my ultimate muse!!!! :) I have a lot of photos to grab, weeeeeee!:) And love the new pictures above. will add this to my blog and site. You're gorgeous babe!:D And thank you sooo much for patronizing Archive. I'm happy to share with you and others my lucky finds:)

  2. Ultimate muse?!? I'll take that as a compliment! I love!! Thank you!! :D
    and there are still a lot which aren't worn yet..I can't explain the excitement when you upload. I'm not like this naman with others. Maybe it's the way you carry yourself because everything looks good on you, kahit 3 sizes bigger pa. Thank you for sharing too, babe!! :D


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