My Official Uniform

Finally, my uniform has arrived. I went home in Pampanga last Sunday to get the dresses and of course, to see my family. It will again take months before I go home. *sigh* And until now, I still hate it whenever I see buses on board to Manila just like when Ate Boom and I were in college. We're homesick when we see these huge vehicles!
Alright, going back to the main topic. Since this "uniform" is only experimental, I searched for some pegs which will look decent, conservative and not consume too much fabric.

This 1960's acetate day dress won, but I have plenty of choices. So next time pretty dresses! This site is where I get lovely vintage inspirations.
I don't know anything about fabrics so I asked for something flowy and "for office" and they pointed the crepe fabrics. In the end, I chose safe colors like black, gray, peach and dull green. I also asked Tita Nong, my dressmaker to make them a bit loose.
This has always been my problem. Bryan says my arms are too thin. It's actually a compliment since I know some people who exercise a lot to reduce their upper arms' circumference. While here I am, struggling to make them huge. 
Initially, the uniforms looked like this.
Then I repaired them myself. Chopped the sleeves here and there, sewed, poked my finger and

.......tada!! Ummm, I'm not even sure if they're noticeable..ahahahaha..the necklines have variations
I don't have a photo of the peach dress because it's still in the laundry. I wore it last Wednesday and it's the only dress with design. My former cool professor addressed me "manang" because the dress was 3 inches below my knees and my dad teased that I look like Ms. Tapia of Iskul Bukol. I even looked 10 years older with my eyeglasses but I don't mind at all. Not yet. haha..But the problem is, I couldn't work without my eyeglasses anymore. I tried contact lenses before but they're hassle and my eyes easily get dry so my vision becomes even more blurred.

This reminds me of the 60's! But of course, I won't wear the pillbox hat in school.
And so we are now 3 teachers in the family. My mom teaches part time and she's addressed as Madame. My students call me Ma'am or Miss and now my sister, Bhim is addressed as Teacher Elaine. She started teaching preschool this year and I envy her whenever she tells me stories how the kids hug her whenever they appreciate what she does. And the kids' uniforms are so cute too! I've always wanted to be a preschool teacher. Before I was accepted to teach in UST, I applied in a preschool and was called for a teaching demonstration. As basic as it looks, I was stressed the whole night looking for teaching tools and decided to just cancel the demo. I would rather discuss the pathophysiology of a certain disease than explain the difference of "a" and "ae". It's not meant for me and I wasn't trained for that after all.

Now back to the normal me. teehee

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