Fasyon Dad

I grew up with an eye candy on clothes (dresses especially) and shoes, though I know these are superficial, these became my little piece of heaven. My clothes and shoes are given tender loving care, that if something is missing, I freak out. When a pair of shoes has to say goodbye because it's worn out, I almost cry. I love looking at women who dress up differently yet carry themselves so well. They become my inspiration. But through the years when internet is not accessible yet, or while I'm growing up, I realized that my dad is my ultimate fashion icon and my stylist too! He's the one choosing what clothes we should wear when we were kids. Stockings and lace socks were staples. He would tie our hair in pony tails, so tight our eyes got chinky. I remember when I was about 5 to 7 and saw him wearing leather boots, I asked if I could wear like those too.

I was 2 years old here and mostly dressed like this way way back.

He's fond of wearing white combos and he pulls it off so well. Not  everyone would look nice on that.

Ate Boom's first birthday

 us four
 mom and dad's wedding. love his suit! and mom's lace gown too!

 Unconsciously, this may be the reason why I asked Bryan to wear white suit too in our wedding. And he ended up wearing off-white.

When I was called for a teaching demonstration on my first job, he suggested I should wear black stockings but I disagreed, yet today, these black tights and stockings are my favorite and admittedly abused garments.
My face was in pure disgust whenever he wanted me to wear shorts with suspenders, yet today, I wanted to raid his closet and get his collections (suspenders, ties and hats).
I never owned a denim pants until I was in grade 4 and I made an excuse that we had to wear denims for the leadership training seminar. I was happy when I finally got my first pair. But today, I only have 3 pairs of 4-year-old jeans and they're my least favorite.

I was laughing at him when he wore this jumpsuit.
Then months after, I braved every store just to find one for me and ended up buying 2.

Red is my favorite shoe color.

 I now know why.

Happy Father's Day Dad! If ever you get tired of your suspenders, I'm just here. heehee

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