Bring back the 60's

It's very rare that I put on make-up primarily because my face is quite sensitive on cosmetics and second, I don't know how to use it properly. Whenever necessary, I watch Michelle Phan on Youtube for quick tutorial, and unfortunately, it easily fades out from my memory. And so it excites me so much when opportunity like this strikes. This was suppose to be posted 4 months ago, but anyway, here it is. For our engagement session, (it shouldn't be actually called engagement session because we're already married here) we had 1960's theme! Ate Engie flawlessly did my make-up and Mama Uly did the fabulous hairdo. This was also an opportunity to showcase my outfits which I can not wear in normal days.

Since it's a couple's photoshoot, I am mostly with Bryan among the photos.
My hair here reminds me of the girls on Austin Power. The dress I'm wearing is two sizes bigger, so I altered it by sewing the sides manually. I do have a talent on sewing and I know how to operate the sewing machine.

(dress: Isaac Mizrahi for Target)
The shoes were my very first pumps I bought on 2006 and they are still in very good condition.

For the second outfit, I just put on a coat (it's so heavy) and Mama Uly changed my hair and lent me his eye wear. I was amazed at how he transforms one do to another, though I have to admit, the worst part here is the hairspray.

The third set is an exception in our theme because it looks so now. It's as if Bryan and I are going on a prom. Dress was custom made by Kate Torralba and so far my most expensive dress after my wedding gown. lol
 The hot pink Bakers were a gift from my aunt. I also wore them on our so-called rushed wedding.

The last outfit was borrowed from renowned Capampangan designer, Glen Canlas. I felt like a fairy in this gown.

By the way, let's not forget my husband. Most of his clothes here are from Bench. Whenever he goes home, we never fail to visit Bench and he hoards there so when he gets back in the U.S, there's only about 2% chance that someone's wearing the same clothes as his. There's I think 2 shops of Bench there, but it's already far from their home. If you somehow wonder about the setting of this shoot, brace yourself because it's just at home and somewhere in our neighborhood. Photos courtesy of Imaginenation. Next time that I have outfit posts, I will try to sneak out of my room to have a nicer background.

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  1. Oh my I love the vintagey photos. grabe looks like they were really grabbed from an old magazine!:) Aylavet.:)

  2. I love them too Pax! Dream come true! haha :D


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