Vintage-Wedding Marathon Part 3-The Reception

This post will be about our reception. I always thought black and white is elegant, but a lot of people are not yet open to that. In the previous issue of Wedding Essentials, 2007 I think, Badang Rueda made a black and white  arrangement inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany's movie with a hint of red. Then after that, I stumbled on Voltaire Zalamea's multiply and saw another black and white arrangement, this time by Pancho Pantig of Plumeria. These photos gave me the courage to pursue on what I had in mind. We'll be having a gutsy black and white reception, perfect for our theme!

Here's Pancho's set-up during the bridal fair. Elegant I should say!

So few months before our wedding, I messaged Pancho Pantig and set a meeting together with Kuya Voltaire. (there's no dull moments with these guys, we almost had colic!)
Kuya Pancho gave us sketches so we can visualize on what the reception will look like.

The centerpiece for each table--customized lamps with black and white lace details. For the flowers, he gave us six options. We settled for Malaysian Mums and Calla Lilies since it fit our budget.
Bryan and I decided not to have a banquet style presidential table anymore, so everything was done in round tables.

For the stage, 3 Maniko panels with white cloths were placed at the center with two huge black vases at the sides.  The vases had twigs, flower balls and bling blings (sorry, I don't know how to call them). Then I requested our table during dinner to be different from the ones we'll use for the program, thus a sofa was suggested.

Now for the execution....

Here's the overall look of our reception. A total of 120 guests!

Close up for the lamps
The stage...

I was also obsessed with ceiling drapes because it gives a cozy effect. If we opted to have our reception in a hall, I will definitely ask for drapes. Luckily, the Lakeshore tent already has it, and the best part is, it's newly changed! To make the ambiance more dramatic, we included par lights from Dynatek team. We had a good deal with this team. Besides lighting, they also provided the sounds, bubble machine (Voltaire's team also had this), fog machine (we didn't use this though), projector and screen.

Look at how we're comfortably seated. The side tables looked great too!
What can I say? Bryan and I loved everything! When we were thanking the guests, my husband grabbed the microphone and thank me for everything I did. I was surprised, but deeply flattered. The guests even gave a round of applause and the moment was priceless, especially if it came from your husband. :)

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