Vintage Autumn Wedding- The Wedding Symphony + We Heart Weddings

In every celebration, there's always a music that goes with it. JJS Entertainment provided the beautiful music in our wedding. They are my only choice during the wedding preparation. Initially, I booked the acoustic group, comprised mainly of a 2 singers, guitarist, violinist and a flutist. Weeks before the wedding, I emailed Sir John about the songs we wanted for the celebration. Then the night before our wedding, I received one of the best gifts! John Santos wanted everything to be perfect, so he will personally play in our wedding! What a nice surprise!

I requested "Can't help falling in love" to be played during my walk. I promised not to cry because the eyeliner might smudged and besides, I look horrible when I cry. My nose turns red and it's unsightly, well at least for me. But I did cry, and I didn't know exactly why. Maybe I was too overwhelmed because our family and friends were there to celebrate with us. I don't know.

Before sitting in front of the altar, I glanced at our wedding symphony. They all looked at me and smiled, as if assuring me not to worry because everything's under control. I love them! Their music made our celebration of love even more intimate. Guests, including me had goosebumps whenever the singer hits high notes. Thumbs (and even great toes) up to JJS! You'll never go wrong with them. :D

This post is dedicated to them because they were not mentioned in our Vintage Pearl Love Story. I did mention them, but it was edited, maybe because it exceeded 800 words already. Heehee..By the way, we are the first couple to win at Weheartweddings!! It makes our hearts so glad! Being featured in one of my favorite blogs is already an honor, winning is only second. But everyone is a winner! A beautiful wedding does not mean how much money is spent or what theme is used. A couple who's very much in love with each other that it radiates and affects everyone is what makes a wedding beautiful. Thank you to those who voted. We truly, truly appreciate it. I even received some comments and messages from strangers saying our wedding story is an inspiration. I will forever heart weddings!! :D

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