Vintage-Autumn Wedding, part 2

If you missed the part 1 of "The Wedding Marathon", you can click here for a preview. And so I was made-up!! I love everything about what Jesy and Raymond did. The sausage-like bun, the curl on my forehead, the cat's eye and the Russian Red lipstick (which by the end of the ceremony was changed to Top Tomato because it blotted on Bryan's lips).

 While we're goofing around, I mimicked Tyra Banks' pose. Never mind, I'm so trying hard...heehee
Our cute invitiations! I conceptualized everything and Paperflair (Adworks) executed it.
Then came the team of David Hanson of Enoxx and Bob Nicolas. By the way, we all had 5 photographers!!! (David, Tonet and Paul from Enoxx plus our back-up, Erron and Chloe!! Now, don't we just love photos?) Weeks before the wedding, I asked our team to also dress up. And they did!!! Some even wore vests! I love it!! My team worked harmoniously with one another, and they worked silently. Spell awesomeness!!!

My girls were made-up too, including mommy and mama. They had their hair in huge curls and nude make-up. It's so 60's!!

I wrote my vows few hours before the ceremony. I had to transfer to another room so I could reflect and think properly.
On the other villa, Bryan did his vows too!!

Mang Boy Mahusay and team then delivered the flowers and started setting up the ceremony's venue. I wasn't that picky with flowers, as long as I'll have red Equadorian roses as my bouquet.
 When Kuya Voltaire Zalamea came to the villa, I realized, this is really it. I know I'm already married, but the excitement is just oozing everywhere. The villa's almost jampacked and everyone's busy with their thing, but you could hear laughter everywhere.

Here's my detachable gown and cute pillbox hat by Kate Torralba. Besides these, Kate also made two pillows and a silver cord. They all matched my gown!
I felt like a star as soon as I dressed up. It felt like I could compete with anyone on the Red Carpet. I received a lot of compliments at how beautiful my gown was. From the very first day, I knew exactly what I wanted--no veil,only a pillbox hat, a short short train, a pair of gloves, a sweetheart neckline, mermaid cut, bead free, off white gown and a pair of bloody red shoes . I told Kate about our theme and in less than 30 minutes, she had 6 sketches. The hardest part was what to choose! But this won my heart. :)

My red pumps from Una Rossa (this impulsive buy turned out the best buy!)
Oh, and she made me another dress for our Engagement Session.  

Meanwhile at the other villa....

These guys had nothing but laughter. They are Bryan's friends since high school. Bryan loves these guys to bits, and I love them too! One of them even became my chauffeur on the way to the ceremony. Thank you so much Pey! :)

The gentlemen wore purple long sleeves and violet ties.
My husband looked so dashing in his Frederick Policarpio cream suit.
Before I proceed with so much stories, I want to show you the Autumn side of our wedding.

Mama and Mommy wore orange gowns, with gold accents and green ostrich feathers, while their gold clutch bags from Bolsito went well with the gowns. Our lovely little girls wore canary yellow, vintage-inspired gowns.  Their flower balls and headdresses were made of yellow and red Malaysian Mums.(Who says yellow and red only look good on Ronald McDonald?) All gowns were made by renowned Capampangan designer, Glen Canlas.

On the other hand, our principal sponsors wore wine gowns. Lola Lits looked like a queen!

Our little gentlemen, my cousins, Mac and JP
Emily Sy created the dresses for the ladies. I chose merlot for the color. The maroon tulle made the dresses even more elegant. This was actually an accident. They used maroon tulle because the violet fabric wasn't delivered yet. During the first fitting, I told them not to change it anymore because it matched the clutch bags I bought. RC Lee of Fabrichild made their unique black hats. Then they had the same purple pumps too!
One thing I enjoyed most during the preparation is the wardrobes. I've been to a lot of weddings and mostly, the entourage looked like soldiers in their gowns that they can't wait to strip it off after the ceremony. I didn't want that to happen to our wedding so I gave importance to my girls' outfits (including the mothers). It felt like I had a cardiomegaly when they told me how much they loved it. (promise, it will be worth it and they'll feel so honored to be chosen as part of your special day)

Bob wasn't able to post our Same-Day-Edit on his website, so I'm posting it here instead. This was actually the highlight of the reception. It had nothing but "Ooohs, Awwws, Ahhhhs, applause and other praises from everyone, including us!

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  1. good day ethelyn!!! i stumbled upon your blog some weeks ago while googling a bunch of stuff for my lakeshore wedding on march next yr... (i'm an overseas bride so internet is really the way to go for me) i just found out that you won in we heart weddings *clap *clap *clap... i love your wedding!!! i don't have the same concept but i hope i could pull it off with my theme like u did... congratulations!!!

  2. hi raema!! wow! best wishes in advance and thank you for dropping by my blog. :D

    I checked your blog too, and I love your mood board!! I hope my posts can help you in your preparation. My team is highly recommended! :D


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