Plains and Prints

I'm not a pants person. I only have 3 jeans which I bought 2 and 4 years ago but they're still good as new--and I only wear them whenever allowed in school. If the background in my photos are bright yellow doors or green and pink walls, it means I'm home in Pampanga, whereas if it's a plain white curtain and wall (and looks narrow) and full of books, then I'm in my mini attic room in Q.C.

I don't usually pack too much when I travel to Pampanga--maybe I will when I have my own car. But for now, a backpack and my huge shoulder bag will do, and I will learn how to drive first..haha

Here's my usual outfit whenever I go out. I know the photo sucks but I'm too lazy to crop it. And so I thought it will rain, I just went home on slippers and didn't bring any shoes.

 top: Mint, shorts:A&F, belt:free from a dress, jelly slippers: Celine
Then we had another make-up session with Bim. She's too excited to use her new brushes and other cosmetics, though she still needs more practice and maybe study a course on make-up. I think my face does not blend well with my neck.

Don't mind the pose (it's pure eeewness). I just want to show you the vintage dress I got from Archive Clothing.
 Then last night, Ren and I went to SMX for the Grand Allure Collection. Frederick Policarpio (Bryan's suit designer), sent me tickets. I told Ren to wear her purple pumps and I lent her my vintage yellow blazer, also from Archive Clothing.
And this was what I wore. dress:Marni, shoes: renegade folk
This was our first time to watch a Fashion Show. There were sixteen designers for the Grand Allure. I personally liked Cherry Veric and Frederick Policarpio's collection.
Love the colors on Cherry Verics' gowns.

 Black, red and gold for Frederick. It seems like his collection was Michael Jackson inspired.

And there's the beautiful Sarah Meier. She's damn so tall yet she's only wearing flats. We saw Marc Nelson too, but we were hesitant to approach him . Plus, he was surrounded by a group of girls.
 Now, I'm thinking of enrolling to a fashion school. I just want to get a dressmaking course so I could make my own clothes, then other courses may be optional. Believe it or not, I know how to use the sewing machine-the old version! Hmmm, let's see. :D

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  1. Sis I was there too!!!! Sayang we didn't see each other. I watched coz my teacher in fashion school is John Herrera. Enroll ka na sa FIP!:)

  2. I have a confession to make sis. I saw you there and wanted to say hi but we're too far from the line na!! I read nga on your blog and I'm green with envy! But the course you took is over the top na for me. I only want to sew my clothes. :D


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