Our Little Fashionista's 1st Birthday

My cousin, Ren and I went home last week (Pampanga) for Chloe's first birthday. It was so humid and warm alright, but the party's tropical theme helped a lot. The venue and people were full of colors!
Look how adorable our niece is. She had four outfits but I was only able to shoot three.

She looks like a cake topper! A cute one! This pink gown was custom made from Qatar. Oh and did I mention she's the most behave little girl? Most of the kiddie parties I've attended to had moments of "cry here and there" or "mommy, I'm irritated with all these noisy people around", but Chloe didn't cry at all and it looked like she too enjoyed her party.

The shoes..Our aunt /Chloe's Lola Nel put some designs on it. She made Chloe's headdresses too! Can you make me one too, Tita? heehee :)

 Chloe's outfit to welcome the guests. She still looked cute even if her tummy's big and round. Adults would look nauseous otherwise.

my dress: apt8 

Happy Birthday Kirsten Chloe! I know you'll grow smart, healthy and beautiful. We love you!--from all your gorgeous aunts

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  1. hi there, I was surfing online and saw your baby's birthday party. I am so in love with her outfit, she looks so adorable. I was thinking of having an hawaiian theme party for my daughter this coming May. Is there any way I can purchase the same dress? we lived here in Canada. I hope you can let me know. If you can email me I will appreciate it. thanks




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