Nanay ko :D

Ma, it's not everyday that we get to thank you for everything you've done. I don't know how hard your job is, (I'll engage in that too, but not sooner :P) but you performed it so well. I can imagine how happy you were when you got pregnant to Ate Boom, then came me and Bim. It's not just that, you underwent one major surgery because our sibling didn't grow in your uterus. And then you had another miscarriage before you had Bim. You were our first teacher! When I was in pre-school, I had a separation anxiety that I was crying when you left me in school. But you assured me that you're going to fetch me after class, and you did. And I was so happy! Whenever you visit me in school, I hold your hand and I walk so proud, smiling up to my ears and told my classmates, "This is my mom"! I remembered how you and dad almost peed into your pants when I was chosen to be the angel on Easter Sunday because you were afraid I won't sing while I was on a hammock, 20 feet above the ground. And I know how proud you were when the public gave their round of applause. I remembered how you sweetly addressed us your Baby Cakes! (I thought you made it up yourself, until I heard it from Johnny Bravo) It was you who asked me so gently what happened when I went home one Friday afternoon with a black-eye back in grade one (because I bumped into one of my classmate's head while practicing for a dance). Three times that I was admitted in the hospital, one for dengue, second for eating too much siniguelas and third for my appendectomy, and you never left me! You were always present in all the occasions in school, from PTA meetings, recollections, graduation, capping and so on. You headed me straight without any question to the dermatologist when you saw me crying because my face was full of cystic acne. I remembered you doing the output in our Science class in high school and other projects too, and how you always asked me to play the keyboards even if I only knew 3-5 piano pieces. You are the greatest sport because you take it so well when we call you first name basis, "Dakdak" and "Linda". I know how bothered you were when I told you Bryan's courting me in college, until he became my boyfriend (were you afraid I'll get pregnant?!? not in my wildest dreams!--but I didn't fail you, right?) and welcomed him whole-heartedly in our home. You gave the most beautiful and meaningful message in our wedding--some guests were even teary eyed, but you managed to still give a humor so it won't be that emotional. I know you and dad were very eager to have a grandchild. Don't worry, it will be the next attraction. I just want you two to take good care of yourself and be healthy so that you'll see all your grandchildren, and even your great grand children and play with them! I can still say thousands of things, but no space is enough. Thank you for everything!! I know you're very proud because finally, the 3 of us are all professionals. I'm proud to be called your daughter. Happy Mother's Day, Ma!!! We love you so dearly!

Here's Ate Boom's message for you: It's not everyday that I get to say I love her and show my appreciation for everything she's done, not just for me but for the whole family. I acknowledge the effort she puts into being a great mom and I know it's a very hard responsibility..sorry for d white hairs and wrinkles :))
I don't have a perfect mom but I’m blessed to have the best one.For this,Thank u Lord for giving me an angel in disguise.I love you DAKS and thanks for everything.Happy mom's day!

her wedding and mine :D

P.S: I know lola is so proud of you!

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