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 I found this note on Facebook and it instantly gave me a grin. My, it's so Bryan! My husband was my only boyfriend, and I was his only girlfriend too. I was quite floored. With his looks and personality, he could have been a lover to many, or even a heart breaker, but he chose to only love one girl, and that's me. Being a hopeless romantic, I've always believed love is made in heaven. A beautiful love story is written to each of us by the Greatest Author even before we were born. That's how special we are.

I remember when we were in college and started dating. I didn't want anyone to see us together within the portals of Santo Tomas, except our friends. From Main Building, he crossed almost everyday in our building at St. Martin De Pores just to see and check if I'm okay. Bryan is a head turner (yes, until now) and I was the average Jane who's always been shy and boring. I could shut my mouth for hours and won't talk to you if I don't want to. The only thing I'm good at is to write silly scripts, but still get A+ grades because I had the best group mates who act so well. I never told my husband this, but he brings out the best in me. He believes in me. He is my fan. He always makes me feel beautiful. I know this is so highschool, but he almost brutally confronted someone who told my friend I was ugly (6 years ago) and that affected me for days (so never call someone ugly because I've experienced it and it's disheartening). He is my protector. He's my knight in white uniform who always surprises me with his art of chivalry.

Our relationship is not perfect. We have petty quarrels, especially when I'm about to have my period (blame it to the hormones!) but he almost mastered my moods and he can handle it very well. We've always been in a long distance love affair that sometimes, people find it foolish since physical presence is very important in a relationship. But we work on it because we want to and we love each other and that's more than enough reason. Besides, I don't see myself with anyone else and we know in our hearts that this is only temporary. We'll be together soon, no particular date but it will happen.

Oh by the way, my husband's turning 26 next month! I'm excited! Isn't he adorable? I miss his hair too! :D

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