The WEDDING Marathon....what happened that day, Part 1

If you noticed, I posted our honeymoon first because this is going to be a marathon. I'm just excited to share the things that happened during OUR DAY. So the night before, Bryan and I were still in Manila up to 9 in the evening while everyone else was already at the villas in Lakeshore. We even went to the mall to have last minute shopping for our Bantayan Island trip. And I was even thinking of attending my Research Methodology class because I can't afford to have absences but I didn't. Guess it's a very valid reason. Now on our way to Lakeshore, Bryan drove us with our wedding car, an old version Camry which we borrowed from one of our godmothers. We arrived at the villa at around 11 in the evening. We rented 3 villas--one for me and my family, another one for Bryan's friends and the last one for Bryan's family. My siblings helped me fixed things including my gown, their gowns, accessories and even the AVP's which was shown during the reception and we were almost awake until 2 in the morning. Meanwhile at the other villa, we can hear the Eletista's (Bryan's highschool friends) boisterous laughter until dawn.

Rrrrrrrriiiiiiiiinnng!! And so the alarm went off..Good morning Beng! Take all your worries away and just be happy. It's a wonderful day. Be with us, Lord. This was what I murmured when I woke up. I was abnormally oozing with energy that day. My adrenaline couldn't stop working. I was literally hugging and greeting everyone good morning. I was even running in and out of the villa because I had to use the energy. I didn't even take coffee.(I really don't drink coffee because I palpitate) My dad was smirking at me and said "Beng, you're acting like a kid. You don't look like you're getting married." (but I was married already a month ago) Anyway, that gave me a good laugh.

Here are some behind the scenes on that special day...

Bim and Ren helping me with the AVP the night before. FYI, we showed 4 audio-visual presentations at the reception, including the OBB (opening billboard by Red Sheep Photography), our growing up years, another one for our parents and a surprise made by Bryan's brother, BJ. (We forgot to show another AVP of our engagement pictorial)

They find their accessories so cute, they arranged them this way..My eyeglasses not included.

Here's our villa..The villas at the Lakeshore are uniquely fully furnished and centralized too! Each has 3 bedrooms. I slept with my siblings the night before.

And here's the bridal car. Initially, we wanted to book a 1960's Jaguar which is actually perfect for our theme. But the price isn't just right. Since it's an out of town event, they double the charge for this old school car which will cost for about 30,000 or so. And that's only for 3 hours?! No way! Fortunately, one of our godmothers offered her car, an old version of Camry. The 1960's Jaguar will look perfect on photos, but really, it's not our priority anymore. So in the end, we got the bridal car for free!!

Dad and I jogging, with my slippers on.

Good morning sweetie!!
There's Teja Faye peeking...hello bulilit!!

And eventually joined us like an adult

Moments later, Jesy, Erron, Raymond and Chloe arrived and started working..Oh, what a long day!!
Ummm, ok, so Chloe and Raymond are warming up here.

work, work, work....

Remember my trial hair and make-up? That was a lot different from my look during the wedding. The night before, I sent a text message to Jesy confirming that I wanted a 1940's look. She even sent me some pegs of hair and make-up thru email.
Hair inspired by Tyra Banks and make-up no other than Dita Von Teese.

More stories coming up!

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  1. Hi Ethelyn,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I didn't realize you're one of the WE contestants until before I casted my vote. Your wedding is uver chic and elegant when I read it on WE ♥ weddings. It's even more wonderful reading it from your blog. Congratz for having a memorable wedding and best wishes on your married life! :)


  2. Thank you Eyzel!! If it's your passion, everything will fall into place, like yours!! Wow, thank you for the vote!! Yey!!! Enjoy the wedding preparations Eyzel!! :D

  3. Hi Ehtelyn,

    Just saw your blog from another w@wie bride, I didn't realize that you're one of the couples who joined the we heart weddings' contest. You really had a nice wedding.

    By the way, I saw in your post that you were enrolled at Research Methodology class at UST Grad School, when did you take it because you look familiar. Just wondering if we were in the same class. =p

  4. Hi Joanna! Small world no? hihi..I took the course last year, 2009-2010 second sem, under Doc A. :D

  5. yeah we were classmates nga. I was also juggling my work, research, bibliometrics and wedding preps that time. =)


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