Baby Dolls!!!

Since we got married, a lot of people are asking, "When is the baby coming?" My dad's the most excited that everytime I go home, he keeps on asking if I'm already pregnant. So for now, the answer is not yet, definitely not this year. The husband just returned to the U.S and I can't imagine myself all alone with a huge tummy left here. But sometimes, I daydream about what our baby will look like. I don't mind if the baby inherits everything from Bryan. Oh, but I do mind one thing, if it's a girl, just please please avoid that unibrow gene!!! That thick, caterpillar-like brow will look good on a male, but for a female? NOOOOO!!!

Ok, since I'm talking about babies here, let me show you my favorite little ladies. Teja, Chloe, Anica and Yuna.

Here's Teja, my niece

Chloe, another niece, daughter of  my cousin, Joy. She should have won best dressed on our wedding.

Anica!! daughter of my friend, Carina

and Yuna, short for Yunalesca, daughter of my sister's bestfriend.
Gosh, aren't they the cutest? They're like living dolls! You can dress them up any way you want and still look cute. These little girls' boxes are filled with clothes and shoes mostly for free! Let's say a gift from uncle, from aunt, from lolo and lola and anyone who's enticed with their charm, like this one.

This is Chloe's cabinet. Wouldn't you love to own as much clothes as this? Even if she's at home, she's still very well dressed, with matching headdress and shoes. And I think there are still some which are not yet included here.

And for the shoes!! As of the moment, Chloe has 50 pairs of shoes and she's only 10 months. Maybe a dozen or so will be added as she'll be turning 1 next month. Even if Imelda Marcos had more than 3000 pairs of shoes, I think Chloe can be named "Little Imelda".
These were her shoes worn on our wedding. Her fab lola put some beads on it. So chic!

Now I want my own little girl, but in God's perfect time. Good night everyone! 

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  1. Oh my gosh, they're smokin' cute! :) You have plans of getting preggo already? :)

  2. They are!! haha..wala pa Sjen and I'm free (is this the right word?!?) the whole year na coz I already had my period..hahaha


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