If we had this mini misadventure at Bantayan Island, our stay at El Rio y Mar Resort at Coron, Palwan was exceptional! Starting day 1, (meaning at the time I was still inquiring) the staff of this resort has been very patient and professional. They answer every question and reply very quick. We stayed in this wonderful resort for four days and three nights, the day after we went home from Cebu. We felt like king and queen, but with freedom in this secret island.

Bryan and I weren't seatmates and we were just in time!! The plane almost left us!

From Busuanga Airport, we had a jeepney trip together with other guests for about 20 minutes. Make sure to bring a huge scarf to cover your face from dust. The roads are not cemented yet.

 Then another trip, this time by a speed boat. Upon sitting at the boat, the staff gave us tetra pack juice and cheese sandwich.  Then offered us huge towels since there's a part of the trip where we were splashed with water. Only a bit though.

After 20 minutes of sight seeing islands and mangroves, we finally saw the resort. It's actually located in an island--alone! Bryan and I were so excited, we wanted to jump in the water.

 We were welcomed by the whole staff of El Rio y Mar with their own song. The jingle played in our heads for days!! This is what makes El Rio special..The bar, where they welcomed us is located at the waters.

Our welcome drinks! So refreshing!!! The other guests we rode with were booked at Club Paradise, El Rio's sister company.

 Then while waiting at the bar for Ms. Alex for a brief orientation of the island, we fed fishes. It looks like this photo was taken underwater.

The orientation was quite interesting. Culion Island, a part of Palawan was infested with leprosy a long long time ago. I guess 99% of Culion people had the disease. I saw some photos of the people and I wanted to cry. But now, Culion Island already reached the stage of healing and now, the place is a tourist spot!

 These are the cabanas-the native and the cedar. We chose the cedar cabanas and luckily, we got room 1 which is most accessible to the bar and pool.

Let's take a peek......

Our room was sooooo cozy!! And you can see Gumamela flowers almost anywhere!!

Just a proof how happy my husband was...He was singing Lucy in the Sky while making his own dance steps.

Then there's our wash room..Can you count how many gumamelas are there?

We took a quick tour of the resort..Here's the library and souvenir shop. We bought 2 dugong stuffed toys. We gave the bigger one to our niece, Teja and I got the smaller one.

Now here's the proof why I gained 8 pounds!!! Just look at the appetizer!

The food at El Rio is ala carte, but you can choose your main dish. We always look forward to our meals!! Imagine eating delicious food with a breathtaking scenery. Oh, I miss it!!!

My main course, Tuna Steak with lemon butter sauce...

 Then located at the heart of El Rio is the infinity pool. We had it all by ourselves on our first night! Bryan was teaching me how to swim. (I can swim only when I have goggles) See the unequal tone of Bryan's skin..

Then come dinner, you will be welcomed with a serenade. You can request a song too!

On our second day, we went to Isla Walang Lang-Aw (Island without tree) and spent half of the day snorkeling, eating and taking photos. This was a complimentary of our availed package. And yes, we're alone on the island. It just scared me as the wind blew so hard.

There's the island!!!

Come third day, we went hiking after breakfast. I chose their Island Breakfast with milk and mango juice and Bryan, Filipino Breakfast. Yum!
Here's their Island Breakfast..You can have your pancake banana or cinnamon flavor.

 .....but failed to conquer the mountain because I was already hyperventilating. I almost passed out!

And spent the rest of the afternoon snorkeling again...

Since we availed the Romantic Package, we had a special dinner on our last night. We requested to have it by the sea. We also had a bottle of champagne. I only took a sip since I can't tolerate the taste. Bryan finished the rest..ahahah

Mouthwatering steak and shrimp!! I am now salivating as I type this blog....

Saddest part...going home :(

We are going back soon!!! El Rio, wait for us!! I already recommended this to my friends. I'm sure they will enjoy as much as we did!! You really get what you pay for.

In our 8-day-honeymoon, I appreciated our nature. We are just so lucky to have been blessed with these wonderful creations! While traveling and exploring each island, both Bantayan and Coron, Bryan and I told ourselves, thank you God for sharing these gifts to us.

So long El Rio!! :)

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