Bantayan Island

Exactly the day after our wedding, Bryan and I had about 2-3 hours of sleep, packed up and headed towards the Terminal 3 for our Bantyan Island Trip..We spent 4 days and 3 nights at the beautiful island where the sea and sands are comparable to that of Boracay. But in my opinion, the sands of Boracay are finer. We stayed in two resorts. We spent 2 nights at the former, which I won't be mentioning the name since we had a not so good experience there and our last night at Ogtong Cave.

Side story: Bryan and I checked out on that resort since the place isn't that cozy. The wind's so strong at night, it kinda scares us. At around 8 in the evening, it's completely dark outside. And the sea was not that clear since the wind is heading towards that place, the debris follows. On our third day, we spent the whole day exploring the island with a pedicab and we found a much better resort, The Ogtong Cave. For some reason, the resort's owner of the former knew we were moving to another resort, got mad and confronted us. We felt bad at first, but hey, it's our honeymoon and we deserve the best. If I were the owner, I will ask my guests for comments and suggestions so my resort will improve, right? Well, enough of this. I don't want any kill joys here. heehee

How to get to Bantayan from Manila: ride a plane to Cebu Mactan Airport, then you will have a road trip for about 3 hours going to Hagnaya Port. We took Cebu Pacific for the air trip.

 We are now in Cebu Mactan Airport. If you may notice, my eye make-up's still on. I still waited for about 5 more days before it disappeared completely.

From Hagnaya Port, you will have to ride a RoRo boat which will take about an hour, now going to Sta. Fe Port.

The boat was not air conditioned, so the hubby and I stayed at the corridors. We actually enjoyed the scenery and the fresh air.

 Then from Sta Fe Port, you can ride a pedicab or tricycle to your destination. Here we are!!

The island is so bucolic, with fresh air, lots of coconut trees, small houses and only few cars...

 Our official breakfast for 3 days..danggitsilog!! 

On our second day after breakfast, we went straight to the famous Virgin Island..We had to take a mini boat ride for about 20-30 minutes. One word to describe it..Breathtaking!!
And here's Bryan, enjoying the waters..He almost forgot I was there..ahaha..kidding honey!! (Few days after, my husband's complaining of back ache out of sunburn. Even his scalp peeled off!! Anyway, he did enjoy his snorkel with his new friends, Nemo, Dori, Sebastian etc..Ariel wasn't there though..ahaha..spell c-o-r-n-y baby!!)

On our third day, we toured the island with a pedicab and found this restaurant..The food was not exceptional, but it's good.

note: the beaded necklace I was wearing was actually the key chain of our room

Then had a tour at the Ogtong Cave. Bryan developed several wheals of mosquito bites..awww, poor hubby!!

Then spent our last night at the Ogtong Cave Resort. Here's the front view of our villa.

Our Bantayan Trip was full of adventure! And the Cebuanos and Bantayanons are very hospitable and nice people. I would want to come back, but the trip is just too long. You'll enjoy traveling in this island if you go with friends. :)

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  1. Really? No comment in here? Seriously? :) Anyway, we are from Dumaguete City Negros Oriental, the neighboring island of Cebu, but we haven't gone to Bantayan Island yet. My wife and I have included this place already to our list. :) Great post!


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