Wedding Accessories

I should be doing school works now, but I can't help but look at the other side of our room, which now is invaded with boxes and plastic bags and actually a sore to the eyes. But behind these bags and boxes are mini treasures that I'm giving to my special ones. For the past months, I swear I haven't bought anything to myself. I go to the mall or search the net and find myself purchasing these treasures for my wedding entourage. And boy am I happy to see how they appreciated everything from the dresses to the bags and hats and shoes. But I was the happiest since I told them before that I'm going to dress them up and nobody should argue with me. So in short, my style reflected on them but their personalities are still seen. Here are some of the accessories....the others are here..(bags, gloves and neckties)

Bianca gold clutch bags from Bolsito. Bianca is a soft body clutch encrusted with sequins and fashioned with a crystal-set clasp. Comes with a drop-in strap.These are for the mothers. Mommy and mama will have orange gowns with a touch of gold for the beadworks so these bags will match. Check this out for other nice bags.

the shoes..courtesy of Landmark..but my two other girls do not have shoes yet because the store ran out of stock. They're size 10..available is up to 9 only. :(

pillbox hat...I'm only posting one..this is for my maid of honor, Iris.
RC of Fabrichild made the hats. see her works here...I hoard some headdresses before, thinking that S.M dept store will easily run out of stock. But few months after, I realized I wanted my girls' hats to be unique. Some of our guests even had the same headdresses! So I told myself this shouldn't happen. I wanted my girls to feel special. I want to dress them up too and make them beautiful.
16 days until our Renewal of Vows :)

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  1. Hi! I love all the kikay stuff you've shown here :)The shoes are really classy, like the ones they sell in Zara. The headband is so Blair Waldorf :p

  2. you wouldn't believe it Sjen. The shoes are only 460! And they became on sale when I came back again so I got another 3 pairs, this time with size 10.yey!!! oh yes, I so love the headdress!! it's a pillbox hot! inggit ako!! heheeh

  3. P460 or not, they still look precious! :) Keep on posting para I can have some fashion inspiration naman. Kasi yung mga high fashion blogs, I don't think I can wear the clothes here in the Philippines. Haha :p

  4. the shoes are so nice!! i'll be posting wedding photos soon. my girls looked so beautiful!! haha..sinabi mo pa, hindi nga masusuot dito yun. :D


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