Goodbye for now, papa

After more than a month of stay in the ICU and CCU of USTH, papa let out his last breath last Monday. A day before that, all of us went home in Candaba for the suppose to be "despedida de soltera", which became a thanksgiving instead. It was also mama's birthday.  Everyone had fun! Mommy prepared some games, it actually looked like a children's party. Females wore pink and males blue, except for us who were in white so the guests will easily identify the hosts. Bryan and I had Tennessee waltz, we sang a birthday song for mama and she blew a candle on a heart shaped cake. It seemed like a mini reunion with all the relatives who attended. The food catered was so good! We went back in Manila at around seven in the evening. We were all so tired!
Mama just freshened up and headed back to the hospital to stay with papa the whole evening. The next day around 5 in the morning, still so groggy, I heard someone calling Bryan. I didn't mind as I thought I was only dreaming. Then moments after, both of us were awaken by the voice. It was Kuya Badik (Bry's older brother). He said papa's in labored breathing again (even if supported with a ventilator) and they had to go to the hospital. The four Perlas kids prompted but it was no use. Papa's gone while they were still in the garage. Maybe papa did not want his children to be in so much pain so he went ahead without them seeing. Through the years I've been with the Perlases, papa has been the strong, firm man. As Bryan would tell me, he's not the type who would let out his feelings of love. But I witnessed how much he loved his children. Even Ate Jean and I were treated as his own daughters. People were surprised whenever I tell them I live with my father-in-law and ask how I cope. I tell them I'm one of the few who's got the nicest in-laws. Papa and mama were not in good terms for the past months and that's another story to tell. But mama took care of him from day one she went home. Even if papa hurt her so much, she was always there, prayed with him, took care of him. I witnessed an unconditional love. And papa, though he can't speak and only communicated with blinks, I know he was asking mama to forgive him. He waited for mama's birthday to be with her for the last time and exactly a day after that, he let go...

This is a video made my Kuya Badik and BJ and was shown during the last night at the wake...

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  1. Hi Ethel.

    I'm so sorry for your lost. I'm sure your mama and papa were able to patch things up even before he passed away because they loved each other so much.

    God bless your family.


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