"Engagement Shoot"

Four more days before the Big Day, but I still need to do a lot...and I mean a lot!!!! That includes the Graduate School, my work and some polishing for the preps. Our room is a disaster now, with a lot of plastic bags, paper bags and boxes--and it's been a week since I cleaned it. Last week was fast paced because of papa's death and so I had to compress everything this week. Thinking about it gives me a headache. And this afternoon, Bryan and I had our pre-nuptial pictorial, or should we call it post-nup? It was very tiring since it's conceptualize. Posing under the scorching heat of the sun is dehydrating, plus we created a slight commotion when we went out of the neighborhood for the shoot. (and we greatly disliked the attention) But at the end of the day, all we had was a good laugh. I'm happy I found a great team! Thank you Ms Engie and mother Yul for the very nice hair and make-up. Toto and team for the photos and Guj and Jomar for the video. Thank you guys for making us comfortable in front of your cameras.

We turned back time with our shoot. But we only had very few photos from my cam. Here's the behind the scenes....
I had so much make-up and my husband didn't have any, but still he looked great! Ate Engie (she's very pretty) and mother Uly working....I like the false eye lashes and my hepburnesque dress!!

Bryan's suit was borrowed from his bestman, Ralph..tnx dude!! The necktie will be used by the male entourage.
gown by Glen Canlas; headdress by RC of Fabrichild

here's the only shot Bryan and I had

Our awesome team!!!! Jomar, Guj, Diane, Toto, Carla and Noel

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