Ola people!! Happy New Year! I've seriously neglected my blog because I'm too....busy and lazy?!?! Our 2 week vacation is too short and now, all of us are back to reality. I could feel most of my students dragging themselves to school..hehe..Now this is going to be a long post..hmmm, I keep on saying that. (I had a dose of coffee tonight--after 3 years, so even if my body says I have to sleep, I just can't.. =/ ) To start off....I went home in Pampanga last December 22. My sister and cousin-in-law fetched me at the mall so I could settle the payment for the venue (which will be next month, gosh!!!) After months of waiting, finally it's done..whew!!

After which we went to the parish church, which covers the Lakeshore to get the requirements.

I missed home! Initially, our house felt strange because it's been months since I last went home. It's true that when you want to relieve stress, you must go to province to invigorate. The time in Pampanga seemed so slow, unlike here in Manila which passes by so quickly.

I just want to show you these chickens at the back of our house. It's not that obvious on the photo but they are the stoutest!!! I heard they eat rice.

And it's my first time to eat a dragon fruit. It looks weird, but it reminds me of an artichoke and a Chinese character. My dad had to coach me how to eat it..haha..It's polka dot inside and tasted like melon, I think but the texture is very strawberry.

 Then we went crazy over Galaxy chocolate bars! It was our only request from Ate Boom since these yummies are made in Saudi. Heaven!!

Bim and galaxy..hehehe

Outfit first..blazer: Monakkiki, tank top: Maldita, skirt: pink manila, shoes: Renegade Folk

Lovely shoes!!!

I also missed these stuffed toys! Meet Bobby..It's Bryan's very first gift to me..and soccer ball (gosh, I forgot it's name!!) Bryan bought this to me when we went to Star City four years ago.

Some photos on Christmas Eve..We almost had the same outfits! on Bim: dress from hip culture; on me: top-pink manila, skirt-meg (floral)/hip culture- purple with tulle, shoes: Juan

Then on New Year's Eve...

my cool parents..hahah

Among the three of us, Bim is the only one who's addicted to make-up. I don't even know how to put blush on! Then because we couldn't sleep yet, Bim suggested to have an experiment on me. And so I agreed. We didn't have a concept, it was just spontaneous but I think I looked like a rocker..or an anime....(dress: crossings dept, leggins: mint)

I know it would be a lot better if we had a DSLR...We just used an ordinary digicam, my Canon Ixus 100..But I still think it turned out well. My sister has a talent, don't you think so? Make-up artist slash photographer!

Then the next day, we went to my mom's hometown in Sto. Tomas. We do this every year since it's our grand mother's birthday. We reunite together with our favorite second cousins. You see, we're all girls. 3 of us and 4 of them..The Maglanque and Lazaro cousins..We were constant playmates when we were young. Every summer, I fetch them in their house, bathe them (yes, I was fond of it and I always have a good laugh when I reminisce it) and go to our house to play. We climb trees (aratilis and guava), play hide and seek, card games, 10-20, jump rope, piko, watch Princes Sarah and so many more.

Bim, Che, me, Joy and baby Chloe, Cha and Yan (Chloe finds Tita Beng pretty that's why she's staring at me..ahaha)

And now, we have our first niece..Joy, the second among the Lazaro girls got married last December 2008 and now is a super mom! The super cutie Chloe with Tita Bim!!! She's such a darling!

Then I started giving invitations....Here's our caricature for the pop-up invitation.

On February 14, we'll be having a Despedida de Soltera for our other friends and relatives who will not come in our wedding. My mom suggested this one since my lola did the same thing to them. My parents will be the hosts.

Here's the invitation, made with love by Bim..Wordings copied from the internet (because I was too lazy to think, sorry)

We checked the venue in Candaba..It's still under construction but it's very nice. And I can predict that few years from now, it will be one of the good spots in our place.

See, I told you it's a long post..Have a blessed and fruitful 2010 everyone! 

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