Bryan and I made it!!

As you all know, our official wedding date is on February 27 this year, and Bryan is scheduled to come home on the first week of Feb. But just last week, his family had an emergency. His dad had a cardiac arrest. It was because of interaction of antibiotics he took for tonsillitis. (sounds ironic 'coz he's an EENT practitioner) Everything happened so fast and it seemed that day won't end. He's still in the ICU now but whatever science says, we are still hoping for a miracle and we know a miracle will happen. Bryan, mama and BJ (Bry's sibling) went home earlier than their scheduled trip and the Perlases are complete once again. On Thursday night, Bryan and I decided to have our wedding earlier. But let me clarify that whatever we planned on the 27th, it's still on. So I immediately called my dad and asked for our parish priest's help who is by the way a family friend. I was quite skeptical if we could pursue it. I mean, our requirements are still incomplete! Then our priest told dad and mom about a dispensation letter. Originally if you're planning to get married, you have to post 3 wedding banns and that's for 3 weeks. The dispensation will be granted by the archbishop of Pampanga. And so last Friday, I dismissed my RLE earlier, asked permission and we're off to Pampanga. We traveled for few hours and went from one town to another just to obtain the signature of archbishop til yesterday.

And so this morning, we were scheduled for the ceremony. Who would have thought planning a wedding for 2 days is possible? Earlier this morning, around 6am, the Perlases, my siblings and I traveled from Manila to Candaba. My sister, Bim did my make-up and Ren took some photos. It started pouring while we ventured the NLEX and I said to myself, God is with us. It didn't occur to me that the ceremony's for real until we recited the vows and saw our parents and siblings cry. It was very simple but very intimate, meaningful and heartfelt. It wasn't formal as I was only wearing a simple lace white dress and Bryan had his usual denims and long sleeves polo. Using Bry's camcorder, Nadine, Bry's only sister took the amateur video. BJ, Kuya Badik and Ate Jean, armed with their DSLR's started taking photos. My aunts, mom and dad took care of the food. My cousins became the secondary sponsors, lighted the candles and put the veil and cord which by the way are borrowed from another cousin. The only thing we had was our rings. Our priest, Fr. Aris Dela Cruz gave a meaningful homily. Tears were streaming as he asked us to bless and hug our parents. After which we went home and had sumptuous meal. There were lots of laughing and stories. When we came back to Manila, it started pouring again. God is really with us and this is another proof that nothing is impossible if we put our faith in Him. And now we're ready to serve him as husband and wife.

Here are some cam was used here.

 mommy, bry and mama while waiting

Perlas and Maglanque..wish ate boom and papa were here

got to wear Bry's gift....

Planning going on for Feb 27 :D

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  1. It's like you eloped but your family's with you! :) haha! Best prayers ate beng!...

  2. thank you bim!! you did a great job!!! now that's a new definition for elope..hahaha

  3. mare!!! im so happy for you..hirap pigilan ang excitement supeeeeer! as in ngayon ko tlga nafeel..hehehe... best wishes!!!! Great life ahead for both of you! mwuah!!!

  4. Ma'am Malanque!!! I'm so happy for you!!! Best wishes! Parang teleserye lang.. Sa kakabasa ko ng post niyo bigla kong nalimutan mga inaaral ko.. :P Wish you all the best Mrs. Perlas! :D

  5. dakal a salamat r.j! :D

    joy!!!! kumakabog dibdib ko ng araw na yan..anxious talaga..but we're relieved!! whew!! thank God!! :D

    chief!! pasado ba sa nursing journal? hahaha..parang kelan lang nagkkwnto kwento pa ko sa, it's done!! we're happy!! thank you so much!! mmmwah!! :D


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