Hello world!!!!

Just when you think your ears are so clean because you're using cotton buds to clean them everyday, think again. You might just be poking the cerumen further, causing blockage. I can attest to that. Nine years ago, my ears felt full (I was in fourth year high school). It's the same feeling when you're enjoying the pool and suddenly a small amount of water entered your ears and it felt so uncomfortable that you don't enjoy your swim anymore. During that time, the cerumen (ear wax) was already hard so I had to use this ear medication to make it softer. Then few days after, I went to my EENT practitioner, had it suctioned and moments later, I can hear the world so clearly!!! Oh what a great feeling I tell you!

Then again, today, when I cleaned my right ear, it fully closed. Arrgh!! Impacted cerumen not again!! I'm actually prone to accidents  when this happens. It's like the equilibrium of my body's disturbed. So immediately after I brought the gown swatches to one of our godparents, off I went to Bry's dad's clinic (I told you before Bry's dad is an ophthalmologist, but also specializes on ears, nose and throat). My diagnosis was right after he examined me with an otoscope. I'm hearing things clearly as he excavated and evacuated the cerumen. What a relief! Thank you papa! I still call him tito (uncle) til now, but when Bryan and I talk, we address our parents the way we call them just to make things easier and to reserve saliva..haha

Oh, and as for the wedding, we finally had the guests' list!!! We have 135. It's fixed. No more, but could be less. Guess this is my last post for 2009. I'll be going home in Pampanga to have the Christmas holidays with my family. And for this year, we're only four. My dad, mom and Bhim. Ate Boom's in Riyadh. Ren and Binoy will spend the holidays at the U.S with their family. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

Our photo of New Year's Eve this year...(me, dad, mom, Bim, Ate Boom and Ren)

the ladies with unico hijo, Binoy

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