Early Christmas Gift

This is really the season to be jolly and I want to share this good news. Bryan, my fiance (and soon to be husband) finally passed the ASCP board exam last Monday. ASCP is the American Society for Clinical Pathology, an internationally recognized licensure exam to enable medical technologists to practice their profession in US. Oh we are so happy, I'm so proud of him!! Bryan is still in cloud 9 til now and because he's been deprived with sleep for the past three months, he finds himself sleeping on his free time. And after he is recharged, it's time to hit the gym. My, he gained ten pounds for this review! Since he already passed, I think it's just alright to spill this out. It's actually his second time to take the ASCP. He was still here when he first took the exam. It was last year. I know how he struggled for the review but because it's hard to find reviewers for medical technologists compared with nursing which you can almost find anywhere, he didn't make it. And now that he passed, he will stay here for more than a month next year. Yes, he only has limited time to stay here. After the wedding, we'll go back to our new, old lives. But now, we just want to savor the moment! This is quite an early Christmas gift from our Savior!! Thank you Lord for this wonderful blessing, for guiding my love during the exam, for giving him the strength and wisdom. I know you know he deserves it.
We want to dance with joy!!!

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