Wedding 101

I've already decided with the theme of our wedding about a year and a half ago. It's going to be vintage-autumn!! The vintage thing will be mostly 1940's and 1960's inspired. It's the time when I thought fashion was at its best. While autumn on the contrary is my favorite season, though it's not present in the country. I love it's laid-back feeling whenever I see photos or watch movies with fall in it.

My girls' dresses would be similar to these..They will have a ballooned-skirt.

I love this photo!! And the headdresses as well, but black dresses will be out of the concept.

Autumn!!! Super like!!

Yesterday, my girls already had their measurements taken by Emily Sy. Chosen motif is eggplant, others call it deep violet or merlot. The wedding that I imagine is similar to that of Anne Curtis' teleserye, The Wedding. I became giddy when I saw the final episode and even forwarded text messages to my siblings saying they will all look beautiful. Candice (Ann Curtis), dressed in a 50's inspired wedding dress, with her pretty girls in violet gowns and pretty straw hats. And after that, a lot of headdresses emerged like mushrooms. Argh!! Even if it seemed like a knock-off and would look like a copycat, I really don't mind at all as fashion keeps on coming back and I can't imagine us on a different theme either.

Candice and her girls..Anne Curtis can simply pull off anything she wears, I love her!!

Now, I wonder if Mich Dulce made these hats. I like her style too!!!!
I'll be again meeting my designer, Kate Torralba on Thursday and I'm so excited! I had my initial appointment with her last February (yes, a year before the wedding). The rest of the story was written on our wedding blog, but I decided to keep it private until 2 weeks before our big day.

I know I looked so wasted here as I came from duty at Tondo Medical Center..eeeww!!! I immediately went to my sister's apartment after I dismissed my students, changed clothes and off to Makati. 

Oh and I'm also glued on headdresses nowadays. I used to think Tessa Prieto is too loud and histrionic with her outfits and headdresses, but since I started with all these preparations, I learned to appreciated her antics.

Loving headdresses!!!! Okay, only what this lovely lady's wearing..Tessa's headdress is too much. heehee


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