Sometimes, things unplanned are much fun. Yesterday, I had my enrollment at the graduate school. (I already earned 21 units!! Yahoo!!!) My friend and colleague, Carina and I finished early without sweat. It really pays off to be early. Since it's too early to go home, I went to my friends' dorm to have some chitchats and also to get my Misy (MSI laptop), which I forgot the night before.

When I was about to go home, I chanced upon this optical clinic along UST and inquired for contact lenses. And guess what?!? I finally got them!!! While waiting for the lenses, I went to Bench Fix to have a good haircut.

Chillaxin' moments with my teacher-friends. At Anne/Ishel/Joy's dorm. Joy isn't here though coz she had her pre-nuptial pictorial. (from right clockwise: teri, anne, iggy, ishel, me and jessica)--my second to the last photo with my old, boring hair.

There, I tried on two colors. Hazel on my right, honey on my left. I opted for colored lenses so I would know if I'm still wearing them..haha!! I chose hazel.

 Bench Fix at Dapitan. They have very good service. Byebye boring hair!!

 For a change- I had a different setting, this time at the garden. I had my hair layered and put some bangs.Notice my poor shots. There's no good place where I can put my cam. 

I am showcasing my new hairdo but looks like I'm showing off my outfit, or the plants behind.heehee (get laud top, mint leggings, silver sequined flats from Urge)

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