Leg Love Day!!!

I just can't think of any title for this..teehee..As I've mentioned here, I'm going to have another meeting with my fantabulous designer today!!! And yes, I just got home. Though it's been 10 months since Kate did a sketch on my gown, it's just now that it's been finalize. I wasn't able to make a scrap book. Sorry!! Anyway, we'll stick with the one I chose, out of 6 sketches!!! 3-4 weeks from now, I'll have my first fitting. Oh, that would be on December! Gosh, it's Christmas again! It's a good thing I rented a van today because it was raining so hard. Plus, I get to wear heels.

Kate still has her hangover from last night's Tik Tok Rockin', a benefit concert for the typhoon victims. Now that's generosity!

Since Bryan and I will have an engagement shoot, commonly known as pre-nuptial pictorial two weeks before THE DAY, I decided to have another dress done. I asked Kate to dress me up. She let me chose a color and design and the rest was hers. I chose violet since it's my entourage's motif, and stripes. Now I'm looking forward to two beautiful creations.

Nothing is more flattering when you get a compliment from a fab designer like KT. She liked what I was wearing! All I could say is a thank you and flashed a big grin. While waiting, I glanced upon a photo frame, maybe a page from a magazine featuring Kate. She said, "I grew up thinking I was a freak but then I realized that it's totally okay to be different." Now this is my favorite KT quote, and should be featured on What KT said
But this photo was taken at home

turtle neck sleeveless from U2 woman (I bought 8 years ago!!!), floral high-waist skirt-Meg, purple peep-toe patents-Janeo/Juan, black stockings-S.M department store

And then of course, to complete this blog, what else should I do?! Take photos!!! Since Kate faced me bare, I mean no make-up at all, she was forced to put on some. Now I loved her even more!!!And she loved me too!! *wink*

Before I went, I bought Leg Love's violet, net stockings. I still don't know when to wear these but they're as good for collection. You can never go wrong with these for only 299 pesos. (around $7)

Makes me feel like I'm on the 1920's era!!!

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