Holloween, spooky

Today is November 1 and we're commemorating all the saints. But for us Filipinos, All Saints' Day or November 1 is usually associated with ghosts or other lower mythological characters. I grew up in province and my Ate Boom and I usually spent our summers 15 to 16 years ago in Candaba. (We were born and raised in Sto Tomas, Pampanga, my mom's hometown. But since Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1995 and caused a havoc, we were forced to move at my dad's ancestral house in Candaba and eventually built our own home there.) At night, we sleep together with our cousins at their balcony. My uncle--my cousins' dad and my godfather was fond of telling us spooky stories before we sleep and I just found myself immobilized and sweaty right after every story. Yeah, those were our bedtime stories! I was a scaredy cat, but only during nights.hahaha
Anyway, going back to our home in Sto. Tomas, which was by the way sold when I was 18, there were some parts of the house where I was uncomfortable. I just find it ironic that I wasn't that comfortable in my own house. The lot was big and whenever my cousins and I played hide and seek, I don't usually go at the back of our house as I find it really strange. Then just recently, as we're having family talk, my mom and dad shared that that same spot, they felt like it has a spirit. All those years that we lived there, they were always changing light bulbs. Even if the light bulb's rarely used, it's always burnt out. Maybe the spirit liked it dimmed. Our house in Sto.Tomas was old. As I've mentioned in my previous post, my mom bought it when she was working in Austria and they just had a minor renovation. I still have a lot of halloween stories to share, but since it's almost midnight and this topic's leaving me goosebumps, I'll resume it some other time.

Happy Holloween everyone!!!!

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