Jumpsuit weekend

For the past weeks, I've been eyeing on jumpsuits and rompers. Then as I passed by Tomato at Trinoma, I saw these jumpsuits!! I became giddy! There are only 2 colors-navy blue and gray..I can't resist so I bought both. It felt like I was wearing a fashionable scrub suit. haha
This morning when I went to the church, I picked the navy blue and accessorized. Corset-like belt from a bazaar 3 years ago, black and white skull design sash, metallic red booties from Juan and bangle from H&M I got as freebie from my favorite seller on ebay. If ever you'll bid on ebay, please check the seller's feedbacks first. I was a victim of a bogus seller a week ago. I can't wait to receive my DVF blouse and skirt but no package arrived. When I checked on her site, it's already deleted and I already payed for the items. Her cellphone numbers were unable to contact too.

Then without the headband....

This is the best sofa bed and my official bed!!!! I wonder if Bryan and I will fit here next year after the wedding as it's just a single bed..hahaha..My room's in the attic and a former mini library so there's a lot of shelves and books all over. Anyway, it's still cozy!!!

Here's what I did so the belt would cinch on my waist...Snap hair clips!!!!

 Focus the shoes!!! It's still available in other Janilyn and department stores and you can buy half the price!!!!

I have yet to attend to soooooo many things!!! I'll start right away with the lecture. Two more weeks to go before this semester ends. To my students, study well, you can do it! And don't worry, we're all going to study coz we also have final exams at the graduate school.  :))

Oh and before I forget, a proof that fashion trends just keep on coming back (so don't throw your clothes, you might use them in the future). Here's my dad, the original "jumpsuiter". He owns this jumpsuit for more than 10 years!!!! He looks so cute ehhh? :))

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