They say wedding preparations bring out the best and worst in couples. True enough, I've discovered one of my worst traits and it's being IMPULSIVE!! A month ago, I went to my now favorite place in all S.M's, the department store. I found these lovely headdresses and immediately bought eight pieces for my entourage. Upon going to another stall, just meters away, I stumbled upon another set of better headdresses and was quite skeptical why I easily gave up on buying the first set. I ended up buying the second batch too, causing double up expenses. Whew!!!
Another thing I noticed is I easily give in to spur of the moments. Like when a certain friend talks about nice things and congratulating us and gives best wishes for the upcoming wedding, I would just blurt out (yeah, I'm really not thinking) he or she's invited!!! Stupid, stupid, stupid me!!! The worse part is he/she isn't even included on the original list and would come into my senses few hours after. Just like yesterday, an old friend congratulated us on facebook. I private messaged her and asked if she could make it on our day. I added if she could probably sing. Minutes later, I realized that my message may have a negative connotation, like we want to invite her so she could only perform. What a wrong move! I hate myself for doing that. One of our best men's going to sing too! But it's so easy to deal with it because he's like our brother. (and it's another story for another day) So next time, I promise to shut my blabber mouth or I'll get into trouble. And since we're limiting our guests, and we both have huge families, we're prioritizing them. For friends, I know it's hard to choose who is or isn't invited. Here's our solution. Friends that we didn't see or talk to for the last 6 months are definitely out. The here and now are more important. That sets the deal.

Before I sign off, here's a peek of some of our accessories for the big day..Necktie, clutch bag, gloves and lots of headdresses. Thank you S.M department store!!! 

And with fingers crossed, we hope to acquire all the needed requirements for the wedding. As you all know, Bryan will be coming home 2 weeks before. With God's grace, it will happen.

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  1. "we hope to acquire all the needed requirements for the wedding" - parang paraphernalias po to maam ah. =) Goodluck po with the preparations!

  2. hi rj!! yep, parang ganun nga..dami din paperworks..thank you!! :)


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