I'm 25!!!!

I just turned 25 last October 9!!! Still can't believe it!! haha!! Accidentally, I didn't realize I actually wore a
red polka dot chiffon dress in school. Originally, here's how it looks like.

Chiffon dress from Mags, black peeptoe pumps from janilyn. The head band is suppose to be a sash belt.

Then to be able to wear it in school, I added my ever reliable black bolero from YRYS. See that skirt underneath? Now, it looked conservative. hehe

This was a funny story. During my afternoon duty, I went out of the building and then 4 of my former students approached me and suddenly sang. It was kinda loud, I turned red. Then coming from the same pavillion, my group was bringing cake from Goldilocks and started singing too--it was loud. Of course, I was overwhelmed. It's just that I don't want anyone to hear it as it appeared scandalous. I was practically trying to stop them, but still I was smiling. Thank you guys!!!!
After the mother's class, (I am assigned in the Obstetric Ward and one activity is to conduct mother's class) I opened the box and we started munching on the cake.

And took some photos....

After the duty, I immediately went out of the faculty to meet my siblings. I told you before about my family. Bim is the biologic sister. Ren and Binoy are first cousins but since they grew up with us since 5 years ago, they are now technically our siblings.

Cibo is such a nice place!!!! The food is so delicious I tell you!!! I use to eat fast, I think every nurse does. But this time, I practically close my eyes and savour each bite.

The siblings are late...hehe..while waiting, I already ordered drinks and appetizer/antipasti.

 watermelon shake..it's so refreshing!!!

antipasti fontina tartufato

Here they come!!!!

And they gave this lovely gift..another pair of shoes!!! I love it!!!

Then here's what we ordered.....
Uva nera red grape..yum!!!

 Pizza caviale salmone

insalata del sol..fresh green veggies and wallnuts with a squeeze of orange!!!

penne al telefono.this is my favorite!!!! super yummy!!!!

After almost an hour.....we're done!!!!!!!!!!!!

I received a lot of greetings, some were even unexpected! Thank you so much guys! You all made my day!
But on the other side of the door, these simple messages from my dad, mom and Ate Boom all made me teary eyed. Mom said she and  dad are so proud of me. Yes, you may receive a lot of compliments from other people, but once it came from your parents, it's a different feeling. Like in a state of euphoria. Then dad sent this message. "I can't believe you're  already 26 (yeah, the age was wrong and I corrected him..haha). It seemed like yesterday you were just a baby!! Awwwww!!!
And then this message from Ate Boom. "Hapi burpday punat! Last burpday m0 na single ka but d nxt 0nes will be m0re w0nderful coz u get 2 spend it n0t only with us but with bry n hopefully pamangkin k0! Yah0o0o! Sana twins no? Hehe! Excited na ko! Haha! Enjoy ur day! I love you punat! I miss you! Wish im there to celebrate ur day with all of u."

Yeah, it's my last birthday being single!!!!  Looking forward for next year!! :)) Thank you Lord for another year! :))

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