I swear, these aren't cool!

When I was in high school, I thought braces and eyeglasses were cool. I even bought a non-grade, Lisa Loeb's eye glasses, flaunt around and pretend I was a genius just like Elizabeth Wakefield. In first year college, on the second week of school, I had a bathroom accident in our dorm. I was taking a bath when I suddenly slipped and hit my cheek (I forgot if it was right or left) directly on the faucet. It was my rubber slippers' fault! Oh well I'm still lucky it didn't hit my eye, or my head. I grabbed it as an opportunity to wear eyeglasses again, to cover it up until it healed. Until the late semester of 2007, I noticed that people's faces were a blur and some public signs were not clear. And I constantly had episodes of headache on same spot--the occipital area, that Biogesic became my bestfriend and I suspected something's really wrong with my eyes. I had a check-up with Bryan's dad (he's one of the best ophthalmologists by the way) and it was positive! I'm nearsighted. I was excited to finally wear eyelgasses, it was crazy I know. Until recently, I wasn't enjoying it anymore. I feel disabled without it! And worse, it's another expense!! teehee
Next month, I will try contact lenses. I won't give up my eyeglasses. I just want to try those lenses in preparation for our wedding. Besides, I feel like I looked like Betty La Fea, topped with braces and eyeglasses.

Oh and about the braces, I'll be removing these before the end of this year. If it wasn't because of my wisdom teeth, which moved the rest of my teeth forward, I wouldn't be wearing these wires. But then again, my teeth have improved a lot. Credits to my dentist.. :)

   This is the only photo I found where my teeth were at their worst.

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