The Cardigan

Every month has its flavor! 2 weeks ago, I've been raving on jumpsuits...and last 2 months, the long cardigans were a hit!! I got 3 of them and last Saturday, I spot on these while searching what to wear for work. It brightened me up as I almost forgotten these babies.
On for the cardigan! I wore this in school because I'm running out of sleeved clothes! (and I'm not even sure if this attire is allowed but anyway, I had stockings on and pointed-closed-heeled-shoes) I swear, I'm now having doubts what to wear at work. All of us have different perceptions on things. What may be formal to me, for others they see it as a clubbing attire or party dress. It's just so subjective. So in our wedding, we won't put "formal attire" on the dress code as some perceived longsleeves and slacks or even flip flops as formal wear and I definitely won't tolerate that.

That zippered green cabinet on my right's so full now. I had to buy it when I transferred from the third floor. I would want to buy a wood parquet vinyl style cabinet but it's not possible because it's too heavy and won't fit the elliptical stairs.

Beige knitted (I'm not sure if it's knitted though) cardigan from Kamiseta, black belt and dark brown floral, ruffled dress from a bazaar, jelly flip flops from Celine and headband from WWW--what women want at S.M department store..The dept store is now becoming one of my favorite spots in malls.

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