Wrath of Nature?!

We all had a not so fun experience with typhoon Ondoy. Let me share you mine. So last Saturday, I went to school pretending I was in Forks with a dim sky and occasional drizzle. I was a bit reluctant to tag my students at OSAM, but since we're all committed (yeah!!), then off we went. At around ten in the morning, classes and RLE's were already suspended. We went off duty an hour after and surprise, the flood was already knee-high. We didn't want to be trap in that place so we bravely traveled the bacteria-borne-flood.

Amidst the typhoon and disturbing wind, I still managed to get some photos. Poor resolution 'coz I used my 4 year-old Motorola phone.


                    And here are my students..obviously I was at the back

I have to throw these lovely maroon flats now..They got so stinky..And for the record, I lost 3 pairs of shoes, all because of rain for the past weeks.

And so the group decided to take Nagtahan Bridge and have lunch at Robinsons Otis. Good thing my RLE had a service car. For goodness sake, we didn't want to be trapped in the hospital. Upon entering the mall, we immediately went to the slippers' section as our shoes were squeaky and soaking wet.

 The only guy in my group, Miggy, bought a whole set of clothes as he was itching due to flood.

And here we are on our slippers!! I bought shorts because my pants were dripping wet, but I still wore my multi-purpose smocked gown for cover.

Before the mall closed that night, I made sure everyone ate dinner. Some of my students had their cash depleted, including mine. Good thing one of them had spare allowance, enough to feed the whole group.

Yes, we stayed at the parking area overnight and slept inside the van. There were a lot of people stranded too! I woke up earliest the next day, so I took some photos of my students sleeping.

We were off the mall at around 10:30 in the morning. I got home at almost 2 in the afternoon and surprised to see everyone's cleaning. This was unexpected. Our area around Sta. Mesa Heights was the highest. According to Bry's grand mothers, this was the first time flood has actually rushed into their homes. But still, we are so lucky. We still have homes, we're safe and sound. Tomorrow, I'll donate some clothes to be distributed on Friday in our adapted community in Bulacan. Classes are suspended until October 3.

While we stayed at the parking area of Robinsons Otis, here's what happened  on the outside world. And as they said, this calamity didn't choose anything or anyone.

Even  actors and actresses were affected..This is Cristine Reyes at their rooftop.

But on the brighter side, it still makes me happy to think that Filipinos are naturally concerned and helpful-just like the stars, Gerald and Echo.

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