And here's a first attempt to do my so-called crackerjack photoshoot..hahahaha..(I own this blog so I have the right to lift my seat all the time.) Remember my trial hair and make-up post? Jesy told me about the Wedding Expo, which was held over the weekend. This year's theme is Diversity. (last year was Defining Distinction and it was a production!!) Compared to last year's, this one's much simple but with a spunk. Jesy's looking for a mestiza image model (me? mestiza? hahaha). She asked me if I'm willing to and of course, without even thinking I said yes. I mean, who will reject a very nice make-up and a free photoshoot?
So there, we are actually six models, but Phoebe and I had another day as our schedule didn't jive with the other girls. We were just asked to bring a white tube top. That's it, so simple but the outcome is just divine!!!

                                 Now, do I look good on curls?

There are still 100 plus photos, but I chose to post only these. Had a hard time choosing.

 finally,here's the booth!! too bad, I wasn't able to go at the Expo...pretty pretty girls!! Very nice concept Jesy!! You're a genius!! =)

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