Corruption experience

I was extremely pissed off when I got home tonight after my graduate studies. A week ago, I asked Bryan to get me a netbook for my sister, Bhim. She's busy on her thesis now and she badly needs a laptop. I feel a pang of guilt as I own two laptops but I can't let her borrow mine for a long time because I have saved files too and I need both! Plus they have sentimental values. Gate was Bry's first laptop and he left it to me when he went back to the States, while Misy was Bry's gift to me last Christmas. Anyway, I told Bhim I was getting her a laptop and she was beaming with joy but we both don't have any idea what to buy. Gadgets are Bry's 80 percent cup of tea so in the end, with some Math, I decided to let Bryan buy the netbook and send it here via Fedex without Bhim knowing as I plan to surprise her.
Today was the expected arrival of the netbook. When I arrived home, I immediately checked if there's package for me. Unfortunately there's none. Then when I went up my room, my sis-in-law handed me a post-it paper with a tracking number and certain amount on it. It turned out I still have to pay for a tariff-tax-whatsoever. I actually didn't mind paying, but my, it was a whooping Php 3,768.20!!!! I mean, I would understand if it was around Php 500. But 3,768.20?!?!?!?!?! That's too much and completely out of the box ridiculous! It's not even 12% of the usual tax!! I could have paid my balance for the tuition this finals. Or maybe just add a few bucks and Bhim's share for the apartment is done for the month. Or I could have deposited it in my bank account instead.
I don't mind buying the laptop but I just can't get over with the Custom's fee. I'm, let's say, indifferent about the corruption in the country, but since this happened, I felt like the credibility of our government just went down to zero. According to Fedex in the U.S, they have no idea how much the Philippine government charges for these stuff. They technically delivered the package this afternoon, but since I'm not home, they froze the delivery. I literally felt like my laptop was in captive and I have to pay for the ransom.

Update as of September 2 this morning...
Even last night, I had a hint they won't deliver the package today. I mean they gave the tracking number and the tax fee yesterday but never gave any contact number! How am I suppose to know where the package is now? Then Bryan called the Fedex USA just to inquire about the contact number--here in the Philippines. The package is now somewhere at Q.C branch. So when I woke up this morning, the first thing I did is to call this Fedex branch. The woman on the other line was quite nice but hey, waiting for 40 minutes on the line is completely insane!! I practically memorized the theme song of their company. I was even able to refill my pitcher with water, get my Maternal and Child Nursing Book and start reading and sent some text messages. Then after 40 minutes, the line was off!! Aaaarggghhh!!!! Then I redialled it, a guy answered from the customer's service. He got my contact number and said he'll call right away to update me about the package. Why didn't that woman do the same? I wasted 40 minutes for nothing? This is completely nuts and I will never do any transactions with this company ever again!!!! And as for the Php3768 tax, enjoy it people. Your pockets are full again.

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  1. Honey your getting better in writing of the moment im still pissed by the way things have gone for the package,but then all we can do is wait and call the people responsible and let them feel the sense of urgency!as for the customs people back there...hands down,you guys are on of the most corrupt sons of bitches i know!!!

  2. Hi! This is one reason I'm so hesitant to purchase high value items abroad! I am also planning to get a netbook, but if you don't mind me asking, how much was the declared value of the netbook plus shipping cost? They include the shipping cost in the computation of tax. Thanks and I hope I get my own dream netbook!

  3. Hi! The netbook costs around less than 350 95 bucks of insurance and delivery..then almost 4k for the extra charge here. :)


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