Ace has arrived!!!

After my horrible story of shipping and tax, finally the laptop is here! I received it yesterday!! yey!!! And today, after work, I immediately went to Bhim, Ren and Noy's apartment. Every Friday, I always stay in the apartment to get rid of traffic and go home in the evening.  Plus it's so hard to find a cab on a Friday, like everyone's rushing! As usual, Noy was cleaning the place and cooked afterwards! My siblings are the best cooks!!! Bim was on her way home from on-the-job training at the University of Asia and the Pacific so while waiting, Bryan and I skyped. And we talked about the marriage license which is by the way another headache..hehe

Bryan also waited for Bim coz he wants to see her reaction. So when she finally arrived, I handed Ren my digicam to get photos...and then......

I handed her the acer, navy blue netbook..the case is mine, I just put it inside for protection

......and she can't contain her, don't you just love giving gifts if you receive this reaction?=)

awwww, I miss them all and Ate Boom too!! But we got to chat with Ate Boom on y.m. =)

Good night everyone! It's a long weekend but still have to work tomorrow.

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  1. So that was the story! haha! tnx ate beng! iLoveyou!


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