Anticipating Wednesday

While most people we're hooked at former president Cory Aquino's funeral yesterday, I had a trial hair and make-up at Jesy Alto's studio--amidst typhoon Kiko. I was even thinking not to do it anymore and just meet her on the day of the wedding itself. You see, if I'll be having the trial, I will remove the make-up right away. I find it not so useful unless I have a date after that, but that would be impossible since Bryan's in the U.S and he's the only one I date. Then an idea popped out. Why not have a pictorial right after the HMU (Hair and make up)? Then I would clearly see what I'm going to look like six months from now. I told Bryan and agreed!! Next step is to ask Jesy and Chloe who are by the way friends.

Here's a side story. Few weeks ago, I was searching for a back-up photographer. Besides David Hanson, I want to get another one. Oh how I love photos!!! And photos will be the only ones left after the event that would bring back beautiful memories. I wanted Atty. Raymond Fortun to be our back-up. Yes, that lawyer we often see on t.v during Erap's impeachment trial. He's a full time wedding photographer now and his blog's one of my favorite. I so love how he thinks!! Just witty!! Ok then, so I asked attorney if he's still available on our day. Unfortunately, he's booked. :(

Then I came across this young lady's multiply account and just clicked it. It's Chloe Umali's site. She had been given few chances to shoot with attorney and some of his posts are Chloe's shots. I was impressed!! Immediately, I sent her a text message. To cut the story short, I found my back-up photographer!!

And yes it's a small world!!! Upon browsing Chloe's site, I saw familiar faces and places as well. Who would have thought Chloe's a nursing student where I teach? (Oh, but she's now a Registered Nurse, Congrats Chloe!!! 99% UST!!! GO GO GO USTE!!!!!!)

Then I also found out she's friends with Jesy Alto, who is going to be my make-up artist!!!! Then yesterday, Erron Ocampo was also there. (Jesy and Erron are sweethearts!!! ang sweet nila grabe. I miss Bryan..I'm envious!! sigh!!!) I found out Erron's mom teaches at the College of Nursing who's by the way my former professor and now my colleague!!! Then if it would permit, I will be getting Erron too as back-up, then it's going to be a super super fun GROWLING TIGER wedding!!!!!

Originally, the shoot should be at U.P Sunken Garden, but because of the bad weather, we held it inside Jesy's studio. And I thought it was more fun. So there, enough stories for now and here are the pictures!!!

To you Jesy, Chloe, Erron and Raymond, thank you so much!!! You all made my day!! huuuuugggsss!!!!! Bryan was happy too! And he kept on calling me Kim Chiu when I skyped him. He said I looked like a China doll..hahaha..Can he be my David Garcia Jr now? =)

Unofficial photos first, taken on my digicam. Water color dress from Zara

Back home, before removing the make-up

And here are the official ones..Chloe for the photos and Jesy the lightgirl

I got this dress from Ebay!!!! It's my favorite now!! I so love it, it actually looks like a wedding dress.

It's the red lipstick baby...Jesy put the lipstick while we are about to finish the set..She didn't put it initially because of my braces. Aaarghh!!!!

More photos to come..this is just a teaser

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  1. you're such a gorgeous and stunning bride sis!!!:) Thanks for patronizing Archive. The dress looked like it was really made for you:)

  2. Awww, thank you pax! That dress is one of my favorites and I'm so glad I found you on Ebay! :D


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