This semester, although it's already near half still overwhelms me. I am now a lecturer for Skills' Laboratory for third year students. At first, I thought it's going to be easy since I've been doing most of the skills before. I was excited!!! But following it step by step and giving rationales make it a lot harder. I don't even read manuals because I'm having hard time comprehending.(just manuals okay?!) I always ask for help. But now is different because I have to do it all. First sem is almost over and I haven't adjusted 100 percent. I'm always stressed out every Tuesday (it's my lecture day). I still feel plenty of butterflies in my stomach before entering the room and face 50 students. Besides that, everybody's busy for the upcoming accreditation and we are all working. There were times when I just stare blankly at my book for hours and tears start welling up my eyes. I don't even know why I was crying, it's involuntary!! Now I'm hooked up again with my book and the internet for some researches. Despite all these negative feelings, I am still grateful. For one, I have a good partner. (there are 10 sections in third year and 2 lecturers each) Thank you Ma'am Ged for all the help and for understanding my shortcomings. Second, this is really what I want. I'm continously learning, it's everything to gain! I know I still don't give my all on lecture, but I'm on my way there--and it's a promise to myself!! This may sound hilarious but it makes me happy when I see my students. Oh how they've improved a lot!

Bryan is very supportive and it does feel good when he tries to cheer me up and tells me I can do it just when I feel like giving up and that he's my number one fan. And at the end of the day, I still can count my blessings and be thankful for everything.

Good Night and Happy Weekend!!!
It's a four-day weekend for me since we didn't have class since Friday and today's classes were cancelled because UST is like a river again.

Photo credits from Earl Christian Uy and Philippe Jose Hernandez

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