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As I was so busy and tired for the last weeks (and even didn't have time to window shop!!), I decided to do a little dress up and take photos in between homeworks. You see, my best stress reliever is going to the mall. I find it therapeutic whenever I get myself a reward (mostly dresses and shoes) and I know lots of ladies out there can relate.
I'm a fan of dresses and shoes!!! But I'm more addicted to dresses because shoes can't last for 5 years while the former, with a touch of tender loving care could last for sooooo many years. (the oldest dress I've kept was a plaid one from The Big Blue which I bought 10 years ago!!! and my, plaids are in again!!)
With my line of work, it's hard to choose what to wear everyday because we have to look conservative, so above-the-knee and sleeveless dresses (which I have plentiful) are a no-no. Plus, I have now 3 BFF shoes which I can wear 24 hours straight without making my legs suffer. Otherwise known as my "laspag shoes". And so without further ado, here's a bit of experiment..hehe

note: if this kind of post would pursue, you will often see me with this background as this is the only available area in my room. sorry, forgot to remove the book!!

credits: printed dress- ana sui, purple peep-toe shoes-janeo (I was able to wear this dress to work before but I had to wear an underskirt to make it below the knee) This dress reminds me of a national costume from one of the Scandinavian countries. Or maybe an Indian?!?!?I love this silver-grayish mini dress!! Bought it online, no brand. I really don't care about the brand, as long as it suits my taste. I know what looks good on me. =)

A bit of close-up for the shoes...Maybe I'll classify these as "Dating and Church Shoes Only" as they are quite painful to the legs. And I think Bryan will never understand why I still keep on buying stilletos or sky-scraper heels even when my gastrocnemius and veins complain.

Another one of my favorite dresses as of now..from Mags boutique..I find this dress vintagey because of the cut and color. So Hepburnesque!!!Enough for now..Good night everyone!!

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