Outfit for the week

This Tuesday, I wore this dark brown, wrap around plaid dress from Mango. It has a plunging neckline so I put a black tube in it. (black tube from YRYS I bought 3 years ago) Stockings from Oro.

As for the shoes, I am now always wearing my SoFab black wedge shoes. I wrote before that I have 3 BFF shoes or my so-called "laspag shoes" as they are so comfy. Sorry, I don't have a photo of the shoes.

Experimenting again....See?!? I can't wear this outfit and shoes in school. So to avoid frustration and relieve stress, I mix and match and just take photos....

I just want to see if red shoes would look good in plum. My entourage will be wearing a deep shade of violet, probably eggplant with red shoes!! I adjusted the saturation of the picture because I forgot to remove my stockings and they don't just look good with the dress. haha..See my mood board at the back? And also my Barry's Bootcamp transformer?

My feet looked big!! Most of my shoes now are size 8, just earlier last year, they're all 7.

casual dress from Mango, red boots by Juan
mental note: I don't post immediately because most of my pictures contain red eye and have to remove them first.

Good day everyone!!!! August is almost over!!! Yihee!!!! =)

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