Bry's Home Tour

Bryan has been in and out of the U.S for almost 4 years now. Now is his longest stay since July 21 last year because of our set goals. Ever since they were petitioned by Tita Tonet,(his mom) we have been officially in a long distance love affair. *sigh*
Most people thought they just enjoyed and vacationed there and it makes me mad how this mentality goes. That it means you are well-off when you go to the U.S and you do nothing but just take beautiful photos of nice places there and go back in the Philippines with lots of pasalubong.
Bryan, tita and Nadine had a hard time there too. Imagine walking along the super high-way at 59 degrees farenheit while carrying refilled bottles of distilled water because they do not have a car yet. Anytime they might be bumped off by a car!

I'm getting emotional again, this is suppose to be a happy blog. Anyway, little by little, they were able to adjust. They found an apartment community, found jobs and bought a car. The apartment they were staying in is well maintained. Every unit is renovated every year which means they have to transfer from one unit to another each year. And count to date, it's now their second time to move in. The community is very nice, complete with pool and gym.

Most of the time, it's Bryan who waits for me from work so we could talk or somethimes the other way around. I go home usually at six in the evening, except when I have classes at the graduate school. If Bryan's still up (around 3am), then we'll skype but if not, I'll try to wake up at 3 in the morning (so it's noon there) , then we'll have our usual chitchat. And we don't usually turn off the webcam even if one of us is sound asleep. Even that, we still feel we are together and take care of each other. That's basically our routine. Now that's one of our secrets why we keep this LDLA (long distance love affair) strong.

This morning, Bryan toured me to their new unit. I have Saturday work but because it's St. Dominic's day, it's a holiday for us!!!! And I am still awake at 3am..They just moved in last week. I only got the photos from skype so they may not be well appreciated. Just by seeing the place makes me think few years from now, I'll be living there too--with my husband!!!

Here's Bry's favorite the he's goofing around and tries to show off the roses he's grown. He's proud of his green thumb. These roses were almost dead few months ago and he lovingly took care of them until they bloomed again, until now.

And there's the whole Avalon community..See the pool and the gym?

Let's take a peek inside..I only got to see the kitchen.

The unit's cozy but kinda disorganized as the three of them (Bry, BJ and tita) were all busy with work.
Then I asked him if they have Filipino products and shows these off...

Shirt from Bench I bought him 4 years ago!!!! (he's trying to get rid of those love handles)
and the all time sarsa ng bayan!!!
Now he's back to the patio....I now call him Pepeng Agimat, because of the new show of Jolo Revilla. They have resemblance but Bryan is a lot more handsome right?!? He's hottest in my eyes..Brad Pitt and Piolo are only second.
Have a great weekend!!!!!!

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