On our last day of my first RLE batch (RLE means related learning experience--aka "duty"), my morning group had a surprise for me. (I'm handling second year students for RLE) Eversince, I really don't know what to react when someone surprises me. I'm slack-jawed, most of the time aphonic which makes me think I'm indifferent. But last Saturday, I had nothing but pure laugh. My "children" gave me a cake scribbled with "We Love You". To top it off, an improvised card was made with my caricature on it. I liked how they made it. They used medication cards to write their messages. One student even joked that my lost engagement ring was attached to it. See, my area for this semester is at Ospital ng Sampaloc, OB ward. Few months ago, together with Joy and Anne had an orientation at OSAM. Since I'm fond of washing hands right after every procedure, I unconsciously dropped my engagment ring somewhere and initially lost it. I was so heartbroken that day, knowing that ring was blessed by a priest. It's a good thing Bryan didn't get angry, but still I miss it til now. =(

Anyway, my students told me they got low grades in their evaluation exam because they were pre-occupied with the card. Then I remembered earlier that morning, some of them were busy cutting the cards so I thought they weren't listening during the conference. I wanted to test their listening skills so I gave another quiz. At least now they know the importance of using their acoustic nerve.

They also had a little program. Jeff made a choreographed move for them to memorized the EPI (expanded program on immunization). I was laughing so hard, they're so cute! And then for the last part, Kim sang "Hanggang Kailan" of Orange and Lemons. The song's so right for me. "Umuwi ka na Bryan, di na ako sanay ng wala ka". =D

And now I'm loving my job even more. It gives me a feeling of elation whenever these students appreciate what I'm teaching them. Few times I get angry especially when they misbehave, but it doesn't mean I hate them. I'm disappointed because I know they can do better. I believe in their abilities. I was personally like them few years ago. From little kittens, they are now growing. Years from now, I want to see them graduate with flying colors, with a roar of real tiger. And me?! I'll be sitting in front of CCP cheering for them, like a momma. Cheers!!

I didn't know they were taking photos.

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They copied my dress that day..hahahah These are the medication cards, different colors

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