Pampanga trip

Bry's mom, Tita Tonet went home from the U.S for a 3-week vacation and part of the iteneraries is to accompany her at home in Candaba. Tita and my parents haven't met before. So today, together with Nadine (Bry's sis), Bim and Ren, we left early for a Pampanga trip.

Everything went smoothly, lots of stories and laughing and reminiscing

Prints are in. Mommy's wearing a zebra print blouse while Tita Tonet had leopard prints. Coolness!!!
After that, we immediately went to one of Pampanga's finest fashion designer, Glen Canlas for Tita's gown. Glen will be making the mothers' gowns!!! And since Tita Tonet's leaving next week, we had her gown designed and the body measurements taken.
Gowns for the mothers will be orange, as requested by Bryan, with a touch of vintagey beads and head dress.

Tita and Nadine haven't seen the venue for our wedding, so after an appointment with Glen, we went to Lakeshore for another ocular tour. hehehe
They loved the place and getting more excited for next year. Everyone's looking forward to it!!!

7 months to go!!!!

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