Honey's 25th

It's June 17!!! And it's Bryan's birthday!!! Oh how time flies so fast, remembering how excited we were before to turn 21 (coz it's the "legal" age) and now Bry's 25.
For this year, we're not celebrating his birthday together, but we still have to celebrate it. I thought of buying a personalized cake for him and I want my favorite cake artist to make one. So last week, I immediately sent Ms. Gel Colet a text message to confirm an order. I decided that the cake should be basketball with a Chuck Taylor on top--definitely Bryan.

It so happened Bry's birthday fell on a Wednesday, which is also my off for this semester so I was able to pick up the cake at Ms. Gel's home. I was praying so hard not to get lost. I mean, Quezon City is huge and my route is only UST-Quezon Ave. But I'm learning. Since we started preparing for the wedding and meeting our suppliers, I traveled a lot. My horizon for places in Manila widened.

here's the cake! so cute eh?!? and I'm wearing a Gold Streak Shirt

Batching is my nickname for Bryan. He's quite chubby back in college--but still gwapo. (of course, he's the handsomest and hottest in my eyes)
Originally, it's tabachoy, then became batchy, and now the latest, batching..sometimes batchingching..He loves it anyway and still prefers that pseudonym even if he develops a six-pack abs. :)

another one..look how cute the shoe is

here's bry's reaction...so funny and adorable

can't get enough of it

now it's time to eat!!!! I don't want to cut it. Feels like ruining a masterpiece, but then again, it's still a cake....ohhhh, moist chocolate inside

he badly wants it too..don't worry honey, I'll do this again when you get home.

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  1. 25 na?! haha! :))

  2. hey can i link this to my site? this is gel colet :p

  3. bim: yup 25!! hahahaha

    ms gel: sure sure!!! i'll be honored..ehehe


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