Wedding Preps Part 2

We're almost done booking our suppliers. Today, we went for a food tasting at Ala Creme in San Fernando branch together with my dad, mom, my sister Bhim and nephew Paul. But I won't show pictures of the food. It's surprise!! heehee..After that, we went straight at the Lakeshore's office to discuss some matters. Ms. Abby Tuazon, the one assigned for the events wasn't around, so I just got to talk to her over the phone. At least, I have a piece of mind now. =D

Since dad has no idea what the venue looks like, we toured him and took some photos. We were able to see the inside of the villa too! It's getting more exciting now, especially that my family's helping me a lot!

Stop over at the NLEX

Mom and Dad at the lighthouse
@ the lighthouse promenade, again..hehe
Here's the pink villa..the other villas have different colors

inside the villa, first floor--kitchen, dining and living room
one of the rooms upstairs with my sister Bim

Can't wait!!!!!

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