It's been a long weekend for me, and for Bry too. I went home yesterday in Pampanga because it's my parents' 27th year anniversary! Whew!! Only few people can stay together that long and I admire my parents for that. I missed everyone! It's been weeks since we're complete. See, we are 5 in the family. Dad, mom, ate boom, Bim and I. But 5 years ago, we adopted our cousins Ren and Binoy because their parents and youngest sister migrated to the U.S. So now, we are officially 7 in the family. My dad's dream of a son partially came true. And last April, Ren and Binoy had their summer vacation in the U.S. I missed the stories, chikkas, everything!

And before I went home, I had a quick shopping--things that I really need asap. First, I got my new eye glasses. I chose a brown vintagey frame with multi-coated lens from Optical Works. I had 2 eye glassess before and for some reason, they both broke. Well, I promise to take good care of it now. I love my new baby!!! And the good news is, my eye grade went down from 115 and 100 to 70 and 50!

Next, I bought a black tote bag from CMG. They're on sale! It's my first time to buy a bag, really. All bags I used from the past were all gifts. They're all wear and tear. I'll use one for a year, then throw it and use a new one. But eversince my bestfriend Iris gave me a Coach bag and my aunt, a Victoria's secret, my view of bags changed. I'm starting to love them! I also bought a bag organizer so it'll be easier to switch bags.

Here's my official office bag. I want all colors!!! Buy 2 and get the second piece half the price.
Let's take a peek inside the bag. The yellow one is the bag organizer.
Last stop, buy pasalubong!! hehehe..Initially, I went to Trinoma to buy the best seller ensaymada from Mary Grace but had second thoughts. They're too expensive. Plus, I don't want to carry them on a big box while commuting. As I was strolling the mall, a lady asked me to have a taste of their products particularly the revel bars, brownies and cookies. I forgot the name of the store but they're so yummy! 8 pieces for only 140. I bought 2 plus the cookies. Another lady gave me this Australian cornick to taste. I loved it! So I bought it too.

And when I went home, everyone loved it! Yehey!!!

Bryan spent his Saturday at San Diego Zoo with his brother B.J. He finally used his newest baby, a camcorder. Oh how I envy him! I want a camcorder too. It's so tiny, it fits Bry's palm.
Hmmmm, I'll have that one too, in cosmopolitan pink.

Here's Bry at San Diego Zoo

He's so cute eh? He's just so excited on his new camcorder.

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